Chat problem

I have a problem on my account, namely nobody can see what he writes in the chat and in the alliance chat, what is the reason?

Did you try clearing the cache and restarting the app?

The same thing has happened to me for a month and those in the game do not solve it for me, this is waiting for someone to solve it.
Question How is the cache cleared?

You go to your storage, then applications, click on E&P and see there…

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I’ve already done it and nothing doesn’t work for me. But thanks. To have if someone finds the solution because the two accounts happen to me the same.

You can check with SG by filing a ticket:

And if I tell you that I have already presented it 8 times and you tell me that it is already solved when it is not true. And I already have both accounts the same.

They have responded to me about the technical support of the game. I’m blocked because they say I skip the chat code. Until they see when to lift it. Has anyone been banned and how long has it been like this?

This is entirely other matter and moderators and staff doesn’t allow any discussions on this subject, which is related to moderation. Also, this is not a bug, obviously and the thread has no relevance anymore. The only thing you may do, is to contact the staff via support for further discussions.

@Rook @zephyr1 what do you think?

Besides, I see you keep opening threads about this…

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I opened a new one to see that I no longer had to see here. I opened a new one to know if someone has been and how long.

Forum Rules prohibit discussing Small Giant’s moderation actions. No one can answer that question without risking being suspended or banned from the Forum, so there’s unfortunately no way we can help with this as fellow players.

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Ok thanks for the information. A greeting thank you.

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No problem! As @Rook said above, the only option unfortunately is to contact Support.

If they don’t reply, then you just have to wait. They’re the only source of information about bans and in-game moderation.


The problem disappears after 20 hours is ok :slight_smile:

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