Chat & other long lists, jump to end/beginning

Chat windows, ranking lists, blocked players list, and any other long things that require a lot of scrolling could use a small quality of life improvement: Small “End” and “Start” buttons. All this swiping to catch up is getting old…

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Also, why do the Titan stats in the alliance chat windows disappear? I can scroll way back, but these don’t stay very long.

Yes, I’m nearly positive that you use to be able to school back to find info on previous Titan attacks, but now I only see the last one. Not sure exactly when this was changed but I’ve just been screenshot in them.

You still can, it’s a function of how busy your alliance chat is.

On beta there’s plenty for example that haven’t fallen out of the chat interface yet; can just screen capture the data if you want to save it.

Edited first post to include more than just chat…

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