Chat not working, been 11+ hours now, please help

Chat isn’t working for general chat or alliance chat. It only shows the spinning circle symbol. It’s been this way since 12:45 am North American Eastern Standard Time, so for almost 3 hours. I closed & restarted the app twice, but no luck. Any thoughts??

you should contact support

I did a little while ago. Over 11 hours now and it is still down. Is anyone else having this issue, too?
I’m adding a screenshot for clarity:

Have you turned off your game / device and then turned it back on? Sometimes this fixes this.

(Glad you contacted support; that is the right action to fix an issue.)

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Yes, a half a dozen times since it started. I force stopped the app, cleared the Cache, and restarted it as well. Other people in my alliance are saying chat is glitching for them, but is still coming back. Mine never came back.

Did u ever get an answer? Mine is the same way.

No I have not yet. I’ll check SGG website again for a response to the support ticket and edit/update this post. It has been 29 hours now…

Edit: They did respond, which is great, but I got this as the response:
Thank you for the information. We will investigate the issue and try to get it resolved as soon as we can.
It must be one serious issue to have so many without a key part of the game experience for so long, and during the Guardians Event, no less. This sucks and I hope they get it fixed soon!

Update: So I tried again to restart my device and restart the app, and low and behold, it’s working now!

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Hey Rook, could you please mark this topic as solved and close it for me? Thank you very much for your time helping with the Forum, by the way!

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