Chat Moderators would be a godsend


I can only speculate as to the weirdness that happens in global or off-topic chats. However, my reason for posting this is that the Alliance Recruitment chat has become a dumpster fire. Every day it becomes less about recruitment, and more about random chat. It has now become near impossible to recruit without sitting for hours on end spamming your recruitment message every 2 minutes, because as soon as It is posted, you have to scroll way up to get past player A talking to player B about their weekend or just having some completely off-topic conversation. Makes me wonder if there is a room for off topic chat…oh wait there is, if only there were some sort of chat moderators(that most bigger games with a chat function have) to send them off to the appropriate place.


If I could like this post 20 times I would. If you want to chat, there are plenty of rooms to choose from along with using LINE, discord, kik or countless other ways to randomly chat. Please leave the 1 room devoted to recruiting be about recruiting. When people try to bring this topic up in AR, they normally just get badgered like they are the bad guy for wanting to recruit and not just idly chit chat errr I mean helping to place others in alliances as they like to call it. Chat mods would be awesome, unfortunately SG has no interest in trying to control the chat rooms, they have left us to police ourselves…


I have been playing this game for a few months now, helped a few alliance’s recruit, to fill their alliance.
But now its become shocking. If you complain they gang up on the complainer, thats against your rules, yet nothing gets done.
Yes engage in a little social chat, but they have taken it away from what its for RECRUITMENT, there are members in there spaming rubbish, making any recruitment ads fly off the screen, we spend more time in there to try and keep our ads from disappearing, yet if we keep placing ads, we are called out as spaming, while they chat amongst themselves.
This is supposed to be a game? How can we play a game when we can not recruit players?
Yes i blocked many of the players, does not do me any good, my ads still go whoosh off the screen. I dont mind ads going off screen for other ads, as thats what recruitment room is for. Or even for a little chat when a player asks a question. Some have been sarcastic towards new members, also against your rules, nothing gets done! Not everyone can read the humor some try to portray,
So it comes across very rude.
its become a complete and utter nightmare.
A lot complain, but they get shot down, even i complained in there, oh yes quiet for 5 minutes.
Thankyou for reading my rant.



It has become nightmarish. Some people use it like their living room, receiving guests. The chatrooms each have their function, but if there is no one to assure proper use of it, then might as well have just one big useless chatroom where everyone just speaks and listens to no one


Fully agree on the recruitment room. While I don’t dare to go there myself, I’ve talked to plenty of people in peer support who shared this frustration.

I think not all chat rooms should be treated the same way. General and off-topic are honestly lost, and I don’t blame anyone for not moderating those. Peer-support is heavily moderated by players to call out every spammer, and due to the nature of the room normal chatter is not a bad thing (people learn from lurking/ people know players are there to answer questions/ keeps people there/ every question gets answered immediately mid conversation anyways). Alliance recruitment needs a better way to stay organized, or people will take their recruitment to all the other rooms - making it impossible for any of them to function.

If full time moderators are too much to ask, can we at least take a couple of measures? None of these would solve the problem directly, but they might help solving it a little:

  1. raise level needed for players to start an alliance (and perhaps costs). This would reduce the amount of alliances out there and therefore the amount of recruitment spam. Reducing this will keep other rooms cleaner, keep the messages in sight longer in alliance recruitment room and as an added benefit the general quality of alliances will go up - as people will actually understand the game a bit better before they choose to lead an alliance.

  2. Some kind of selective ban. If people don’t use a room for it’s purpose, let people report them for this and ban players from being able to use that chatroom. If people are discussing their weekend and other things that have nothing to do about recruitment (and for more than 5 mins, it can always happen) multiple times - let players report them and ban them from that room. Same goes for other rooms such as Peer support, if people only spam recruitment there - let players ban them from that room.

  3. Quicker response on reports. I’ve reported several people for spam (when they actually were spamming) and days later I see that other people in chat are still talking to them and telling those players to stop spamming. Then what is the use of a report button/guide of conduct?

I’m sure there are more suggestions (and more rants, lol). We know SG generally listens to their players’ suggestions a good amount, so let’s try and give them as many as possible.