Chat issue


Ok, I have had this problem for six weeks atleast and I have already posted about it once, But Just because I haven’t got any responses, I will post about it again. Noone receives my messages. I am not blocked, I type the messages just fine, but noone never responses the messages, And when I log off and back on, The messages I sent are gone but all the messages came by system or other players are still there. I am very frustrated about it, Because I have created several accounts just to be able to chat, and the big difference in advancing
Between the accounts make me struggle when I can’t join with both of the accounts to alliances that the more advanced account is able to join


Odd… @Coppersky have you encountered this before? I just have one account, so I can’t test it.


This bug is only on my most advanced account, I have made more accounts to be able to chat


Have you contacted SG directly? I would do so, and include screenshots if any to help describe the problem:


I did contact them today I think, Directly in email


Excellent. Give them a few days to respond (they are a small company with many requests going into the weekend).

I hope they sort it for you ASAP! :grinning:


@Rook, I have a vague feeling I heard about this once before. Nothing I can think of that would work as a self fix though.


The only people I know who’s chat doesn’t work have been banned in some way; I wondered if there was an innocent version. Thanks!