Chat issue in Android

Anyone see this where they type a message, hit done, then send and it closes out the whole chat window?

Just happened 3 times in a row on my note 9. Was able to get the 3rd time recorded… Never had this happen on my iPad.

I’m on android S7, yes I know I need to upgrade :grimacing:

Anywho, I have no problems with chat. Perhaps this is specific to Note? Or it’s related to the problems with ios chat :thinking:

Hope it resolves for you soon.

Happened on my note 8 I had previously.

Specific to the Notes…that sucks. Would be interested to know if any other Note users have had the same issue.

Sorry I’m no help :kissing_heart:

“note to self: do not get a Note”


Yea the note sucks!!! :smiley:

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I have a bunch of issues with my galaxy 8 and have just learned to live with it although it’s annoying.

  1. Regarding chat, this happens all the time to me. Especially if I am not on wifi.
  • happens almost every single time I copy and paste a large text in game e.g. upcoming info hotms, have to send it close chat window and reopen to see if it stuck. Usually works the 2nd or 3rd time
  1. I am unable to find a reference on the forums and half type a message, minimize my window and come back and finish the text in game or its deleted.
  2. The game in general barely works unless I am in wifi ( there was a previous thread on this issue and the fix didn’t work for me)
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