Chat is dead

Anyone else having a problem with chat? Mine has been dead this whole day. Tried to restart the game and even found an update. Still nothing


No issues here in chat.
Not in global or in alliance, both work fine for me.

Found the problem. It’s something between wifi and mobile data. With mobile data it’s not working but with wifi everything is fine. Haven’t had this problem before…

I only have mobile data and this game has awful amount of issues with that despite being from Finland where mobile data service is quite common thing to use.
And yeah… my chat is totally dead too. And I can’t even tell my alliance about it. Our chat overall is pretty much only reason I’m still playing… And now even that doesn’t work right.

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Our entire alliance has been losing chat everytime something I’d posted regarding the titan. But yesterday, it kept telling me I wasn’t even part of an alliance and I couldn’t do anything alliance related.

I’m having the same problem, and at least one of my alliance members too. I submitted a ticket and they said something about wi-fi/mobile data. I don’t have access to wi-fi so I can’t try the solutions they suggested. :frowning: My alliance does use Line so I was able to tell them my chat isn’t working, but this is so annoying! We are just about to finish our first 11* titan and I want to be a part of the aftermath! Please fix this soon SGG!


My chat is working now, it has for about an hour or so. Don’t know what happened but I’m glad this bug is fixed, at least for me. Hope your chats are fine too by now!

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