Chat hoppers - Decrease Spammers

Plaese fix chat there are always peopel that come to a diffrent chat languages en then spam everything make it if you change language that you have to stay there for 14 days becaues whe only can block 500 ppl and a lot do it

Yep. The Dutch off topic is used by an Italian and an Spanish couple. Who tell each other the great love they have for each other.
I prefer love above war. The point is it’s annoying coz I don’t understand the words actually. If they are Dutch ppl, I wouldn’t mind. This is really annoying. They come and chat frequently. Hope you will solve this problem soon.

Please use the report button for these as well, as spam is against the Code of Conduct. This is the most effective way to bring problematic players in the chat to our attention. We are checking the reports regularly.


Hi Gipsie,

How could you recruit in different alliance chatrooms then, with your suggestion.
Thereby I chat in Dutch chatroom as wel in English chatrooms.

But i understand your suggestion as well.

greetings your Teddybear friend Darth :slight_smile:

Whe have report it many times but nothing happens and also we have send you mails en report of peopel whit ■■■ problems and people that are really bad all the time butt there still here at game people have quit about that

Hey darthieee then they have to make a recruit chat for that in every language chat

When someone is spamming one of our chats, I report them in-game (sometimes twice, depending on their post), then block them.

If you have asked these players to not spam you, I would then report and block. You can always note the date/time and report directly to the game…from your main screen:

Menu > Options > Support > Other Issues

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