Chat functionalities with iOS

When I copy/paste a text in the chat, my line returns disapear. Several spaces are reduced to one too.
Android users does not seem to have this problem.
Does anyone had the same thing and found a solution ?

Tried everything, but IOS does not allow for line break

Thank you Branwen, will try bug list

It is an ios problem, not from the game

I fail to see how it is an iOS problem when I have dozens of apps that let me use like breaks in chat in iOS.

Or if it is an iOS bug, why are there no other popular apps on my iPhone that work around it?

It’s an iOS thing. I use the tilde (~) to make Line breaks:


I might try the ~~~~~~ solution; thanks, @Rook.

I know that the android version of E&P doesn’t have this issue. I’m just saying that there is something wrong with E&P on iOS, not just something wrong with iOS.

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