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Can we do something about the Junior-High-School-chaperone-level chat filter? An alliance mate of mine was talking about how a 4* Titan had wiped her out, and I said it can be an ■■■ like that. A, S, S.
Then I typed the word assassinate. No problem. So I put spaces between the letters. ■■■ ■■■ innate.
Can we have a toggle on/off chat filter? Please?


The filter exists because children (as young as 8, I’ve found) play the game.

YOU might only say the word A S S. But I’ve been in chat, forced to listen to all permutations of every swear word known to man, in every spelling devised to defeat the censor.

I might have a more “adult” vocabulary, but the censor exists to protect those who don’t.

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I would like an option to remove the filter. I can take harder language. Could be on by default

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I like your idea of being able to toggle the filter on/off


I came here to make this threads, it already has been I guess, so I’m going to bump it up.

I think the moderator got the wrong idea. We want the ability to individually turn off the filters, for us. Not everybody. My disabling of the filter would have no bearing on what little eight year old Johnny sees. Besides that, if people are using “every spelling devised to defeat the censor” then your censor is worthless if it is as easily beaten as changing one letter. if I disable the filter and allow myself to see the naughty uhoh words, it won’t mean Johnny can see them. I have no idea what Rook was talking about but I think he got the wrong idea.

The alliance I am in, our main chatters are all over age 35. We want to be able to talk like it.

Would be cool to turn this crap off, for sure.

It even censors some normal words wich are absolutly not slang or something.

Like “bosser” is censored in french. It just means “travailler” or in english “to work”.

Boring as hell.

Hey, my nickname is Azz. It’s not ■■■ but it is filtered. XD Can’t you make it like I could use my name? XXD I hate “Azzy” btw :stuck_out_tongue: First world problem :rofl:

I completely agree the filter needs to be there but, I was in chat with my alliance (who is currently at war) trying to tell them I will assess the situation (in case it got filtered in this post, the word that means “EVALUATE” ). Tried many spellings, spacing symbols. Can the filter give us the word 6 letter word starting with a and ending in s that means evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of. It is annoying as synonyms do not really fit. Well, at least it posted here without getting filtered I see.

See PM.

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Suggestion, if you want to remove/bypass the Chat Filter, simply change your alliance language setting to something like Arabic, Bahasi etc…

The Chat Filter is tuned to the specified alliance language. Change the language & it changes the filter words.

Seriously, it censored “Let’s hit the Titan” --> “Let’ *** the titan.”

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