Chat filters


Can we do something about the Junior-High-School-chaperone-level chat filter? An alliance mate of mine was talking about how a 4* Titan had wiped her out, and I said it can be an ■■■ like that. A, S, S.
Then I typed the word assassinate. No problem. So I put spaces between the letters. ■■■ ■■■ innate.
Can we have a toggle on/off chat filter? Please?


The filter exists because children (as young as 8, I’ve found) play the game.

YOU might only say the word A S S. But I’ve been in chat, forced to listen to all permutations of every swear word known to man, in every spelling devised to defeat the censor.

I might have a more “adult” vocabulary, but the censor exists to protect those who don’t.


I would like an option to remove the filter. I can take harder language. Could be on by default


I like your idea of being able to toggle the filter on/off