Chat Filter

Alliance chat is filtering English swear words no matter what language is selected, but swear words in other languages are not filtered.

I have never wanted to say ■■■■ so badly now that I can’t.

Please allow for unfiltered chat at the alliance level.

Not having that issue.


Take this for c and it works.
It also works with typos.

Best is to take gentle words.

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Eh? Just curious. Why not do it verbally where the ones who can here it are those around you? Will written profanities give you the desired heroes, troops and ascension materials?

I rarely swear in chat. I’m against being denied the opportunity to do so on principle. An invite only alliance of like minded adults should have the option of being crass or vulgar should they desire.

And they should certainly be allowed to abbreviate Stronghold 17 as SH17