Chat doesn't work

What happens with chat? Why doesn’t It work?

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yup same, it doesn’t work for me too, thought it is my connection, but i can open other things except the chat

Does anyone else’s chat only work with wifi ?? It’s annoying that I can use my mobile data to play but not chat?

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Hi, we are currently investigating this. Chat should be up again soon. Apologies for the inconvenience!

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Hello this is possible to repare the bug with the tchat first time i’m thinking this is problem with my connection but no so this is possible to repare this mistake
Thank you for to repare this problem

My issue is on going with the game since before it crashed. is this something other iPhone users experience as well? I have no issues with game play on data just the chat?

Chat is back! :slight_smile: If you are still facing the issue, this might be related to your network configuration.

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I can’t communicate with my alliance… Is anyone else having thus issue??

yes me too. some alr complained n @Petri one of the staff alr giving feedback, that it’ll comeback soon. i hope it wont take too long time tho😊

Thanks @Meera! Hope it ge6s fixed soon@

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thank you, it’ fixed now ^^

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I have this issue. So long as I am home on my WiFi network, I can chat, but not if I’m being driven somewhere (not while roaming). I just assumed “that’s the way it is”.

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Omg I’m so glad I’m not the only one! Thought it was just me :confused: I hope they fix this I don’t know if it has to do with iPhone or the carrier but it’s silly. I have full bars when I’m not at home so I doubt it’s a network problem

Do we know how to fix this issue? My iPhone has the same issue and those recent updates never fix it. :frowning:

I still have the issue with the chat not working while not on WiFi…please fix this issue as it’s hard to communicate with my Alliance during the AW if I’m not at home.

Hello… My friends cant see my chat and
I’ve got reports on plain words such as Hello and LoL can help me please

Please respond to how to fix this crash in chat for my account

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