Chat by level


The troll factor in chat has become so bad that many won’t go there any longer.

Make levels of chat rooms you have to EARN your way in to! Let the trolls have each other.


The problem is that trolls and legitimate Noobs enter chat at the same time, the Noobs to ask questions, the trolls to cause trouble.

Apart from prexisting members reporting and blocking the trolls, how could the system differentiate between the two?


It wouldn’t. it just gives people a different option. they have earned the right to rise above the nonsense and may chose to go back to it at any point.

im not suggesting eliminating the ‘general’ forum.


There are MANY higher level players always willing to help, they’d still pop in give the serious ones Coppers link and such. I did all the time too.

In some ways the advice I give could be bad for a lower level player because it’d be coming from my perspective at my level. Like say I tell them Carver sucks but it’s literally their best option and I just hadnt bothered to check their line up ? It happens but with that perspective they wouldn’t use one of their best heroes they’d keep chugging along just hoping to get the Caed or Lianna likely mentioned. It wouldn’t be a bad thing for them to find advice from people actually using heroes at their level.

I would love a quieter space free of the trolls. Trolls typically will not bother leveling much. General would be safe but I’m hoping for something like a chat for levels 1-5 maybe, 6-11, 13+ etc. Let us separate a little from the constant annoyances. Blocking only does so much, I am up to 132 blocks and general chat is still basically unusable for me because they just keep coming and spreading their ridiculous all around.


I wish–and I’m not sure if there is a way to do this–but I wish that if a player repeatedly broke the TOS in the space of a few minutes, they would be temporarily banned for 24 hours.

Trolls only have fun annoying other people, and this would remove their primary source of “fun”.

So say I try to violate the censor ten times in a minute, bye bye go I. If I spew repeated (spam) characters three or four times in succession, typing no real post, BAM, banned for 24 hours.

This would clean up a great deal of the chat nonsense, and 30 people wouldn’t have to take action because of one; the system would bounce them out.

My 2 cents.


I agree 100% with having a chat based on level. No matter how many chats you create they will always be invaded by people who have no interest in playing the game, and only use it as a chat app, or to harass players out of boredom. Off topic is looking more, and more like the GC every day with people coming in at level 5 and asking all the girls for their personal info, or just trolling in general, and role play… It’s tired, and some of us just want to chat with people who play the game seriously without being bothered by people who only joined the game because they get a kick out of trolling others.

I’ve noticed a lot of people are being argumentative about the chat suggestions in other threads, and the only thing I can say to those people who seem they just like to argue is… What’s wrong with having options?

If you don’t want to chat then don’t. Some of us like that aspect, but don’t want random nonsense.

Options are a good thing


To give an idea of how many and how often we have been blocking users, here is one talking about how she is only 15 away from being maxed out. It is possible some have quit and we can go through the list and remove a few but that will take a very long time checking all the profiles. If we cannot get chats where they are automatically locked out can we at least have the cap raised please ? @Petri @RubiKinga


Another comparison so you get the idea… I was at 132 blocks a little over a month ago. I have went up almost 100 hanging out primarily in the off topic chat that is usually much quieter. Please find a way to help us weed it out more.


I agree the option of different chat rooms based on level is a good idea. The logic of the trolls not playing the game enough to level up is sound and makes sense. Just my opinion here, but I think some people have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to blocking…if someone happens to post an ad in the room by mistake, is that really worth a block??..I am on my phone all day, on this game site a lot of it and pop in and out of rooms all day and still have never found anyone annoying enough yet to block.


It isn’t so much ads that I’ve been blocking, that is part of it but only when that is all they ever contribute to the conversation. Most of my blocks are for role playing, spam, and harassment. I do not want to converse with people who will tell someone to commit suicide, for any reason much less because they got in a tiny tiff over a game. That is just one example but kind of gives you more of an idea I suppose. I love that block button and use it often, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have my reasons.


I don’t have anyone on my block list for ads but I do have them for saying jokes talking about explicit acts with dead grandmothers as well as coming in and asking if anyone with snapchat wants to get laid (sorry for the content but that’s one of many examples)

This isn’t about whether you think people are blocking for the wrong reason…
This is about people coming in with the singular purpose to troll and harass and a suggestion that could be an effective solution


Your right…reasons to block or not is not on topic and I’m sorry…leveled chat is a great idea though and would love to see it…


I agree there should be a way to give people a 24 hour block on the chat. However not on the censoring. You know the chat only censores English, right? So, we can curse all we want in Dutch, but can’t say “you can”, because “you can” in Dutch is “je kunt”, and that is cursing for dyslectic people. You can imagine it is easy to get censored 10 times in a minute. Another example is the word puzzle, in Dutch it is the same, but with the last two letters reversed, it still is puzzling (fun intended) to me why that’s censored.
Maybe it is possible to give a temporary block if someone gets blocked by ten different people within a short period of time? Only on the chat and with mention it is a temporary block for trolling. So that youngsters, who just made some stupid comments without thinking, know they can return to the chat afterwards


I’d much rather have temporary bans than permanent (unless someone is targeting someone and won’t quit); I think most stupidity would quickly reduce if troublemakers lost their voices on a daily basis. :smirk:


I’d just prefer the leveled chat options. Just a simple reward for all that grinding and sticking to the game, less clutter and less nonsense I don’t care to read while chatting with those I do. Not a complete lock out your stuck in whatever level youve made it to, just having an option that helps screen.


I agree Chuck. I have not ever blocked anyone either, but I hear people blocking all the time over silly things. Not saying everyone does, but some misuse it. If you do it by levels will there not be people who will no longer be able to chat with each other? Just a thought.


I block for “silly” things because I don’t like spam, or reading about sexual advances made to dead grandmothers (one recent example, pardon my repeating it here)…but what I don’t want is a switch that also hides the legions of Noobs who actually need and request game help.

If this “chat by level” thing has a toggle switch, fine.


Not suggesting you be forced to stay in your level chat, but to give an option to bail on the level 5 trolls if you want.

There’s a lot of lower level players I talk to and sometimes I give new players advice if asked, but getting a break to talk to people who’ve proven they’re in it for the game and not for the trolling or role play would be a great option.

Again it’s an option that’s being suggested for those that have earned it, not a rule dictating that higher levels can no longer talk in other chats…not sure where that misconception is coming from


I would not ever suggest that lewd conversation is not worth blocking if that is your prerogative and I would not suggest that action would be silly. Some people do overreact over a lot less was all I was saying. It not personal to you and apologies if you took it that way. I do not mind helping new players sometimes when I’m on Chat. Its hard being new. Not everyone is a ‘noob’ or a ‘troll’. I don’t really care for these words but maybe I’m just old school and care. Not saying anyone here doesn’t. Don’t start screaming at me. It’s hard for this many people to gel together. I’m done. Ty :slight_smile:


I’m sorry internet medium doesn’t faithfully communicate vocal tone and expression (even with smileys).

I wasn’t screaming and I’m not remotely mad at you. I hope likewise is also true. :slightly_smiling_face:

Moving right along.

I take your comment about “Troll/Noob”. True. I try to think outside of these categories, but they are useful when seemingly 70% of Global is currently either a newcomer or a troll. :expressionless: