Chat being incorrectly truncated when not in full chat screen



Since the new update the messages arent always shown properly anymore if you have chat screen minimized (when looking at your base for example).

Instead of showing the maximum amount of characters possible (as they used to), they now seem to have to end message with “…” sometimes, regardless of length.

You can see this here:

The messages were: “i’ll post”, and “done”. Which arent very long messages that wouldnt fit on the preview. Some time later Someone else posted and their 4 word sentence was shown completely (Yay).


What versions, ideally both you and Tevva @loorts?

I don’t see it on my end.

Actually do you mean small chat window or chat window turned off when you say minimized?


1.9.0 for both. And meant the small chat window (so the one that can be seen on my screenshot too).

It’s not with every person/every message - I’m trying to figure out whether or not it is all messages from certain people, some messages from people, or that it is completely random.

Edit: tried to reproduce this with rev and tevva. Sometimes it shortens the messages when they Should easily show, sometimes it doesnt. It does always show the dots if the message is too long to be displayed entirely (i believe). Also saw my own message being shortened while it didnt need to be. Seems pretty random, half of tevva’s messages got the dots and the other half didnt.


I saw it too on 1.9.1 256; however, everyone should be on 1.9.1 now since that fixed a bunch of random stuff anyway as mentioned in game.

What’s a bit strange is I didn’t see that behavior with your messages.

It was something in the individual messages, if I was full message screen then exited out to small window, even messages I’d seen from Tevva that were full in the message screen, were shortened (incorrectly) with … on the small window.

I fumbled the screenshot though :(.


Yeah the messages all show fine when I view chat in fullscreen.

I have a couple of screenshots (also of my own message being shortened). Can try and upload those as well if they’d help with the problem.

-> off to try and find a 1.9.1. update :slight_smile:

EDIT: nevermind, i’m a derp. I already have the 1.9.1. update :rofl:


I was going to say, Tevva and you, BOTH?!?!?! :slight_smile:


Well this is a real bug in the most recent builds too, now it’s happening to me.

1.9.2 build 259

I’m also seeing it on my other account which is on 1.9.1 build 256… person posting on that one (different alliance chat) is also on 1.9.1 build 256. (lol hi @Rook)

(updated the thread title to more correctly reflect the issue)