Chat ban in the game- More warning, More transparency, More leniency


As someone who runs a training alliance, i find that new players end up in GC rather than AR. Heck, I remember being amazed that there WAS a PS or AR! New players so rarely end up in AR that if I tried to find new players who were asking basic questions like “how do I rearrange my team and “what does ‘hero chest’ ‘mean,” I would still be waiting to fill my training alliance. The language on the “invite only” leads new players to say “send me an invite,” so it’s terribly confusing.

If SG had a “new player” chat where training alliances or alliances looking to start new players could post ads, that would help. I like the idea of ads being static for a set time.

But as someone who has moderated three international message boards, I’ve dealt with reports about people that were ridiculous, valid, or somewhere between the two. Personality conflicts, perceived “rules,” language filter infractions, etc. it takes time to investigate. So setting clear rules for people is very important. If players can try to hookup in GC, role play, flirt endlessly, type “help” over and over and over again in messages, the chat room has lost its purpose.

For AR: perhaps making several broad categories like training alliance, minimum cup level, minimum TP level, competitive, casual and having static ads available would be helpful. Maybe designate a category within an alliance as recruiter and only that member can post an ad.

SG could even make a special building or spot on the map or Sharehold where players could click and it would take them to a new area where they could select a Chinese menu of alliance characteristics they were looking for. Likewise, an alliance that was looking would be able to choose features from the same menu. If a player and an alliance’s choices match, the player is shown the alliance (or alliances) static ad and can then send a request to join. It might be nice to add a feature here where a brief chat interaction between player and alliance may take place to avoid a mismatch. This would remove ads altogether from the main chat rooms, cut down on blocking and reporting, and eliminate some chat bans for spamming.

For GC: a rules blurb that appears and requires acknowledgement when entering would be good. People can’t then say “I didn’t know…”. Report feature could include screenshot of reported post. That would be easier to investigate. Some coding could also be done to show number of reports by a particular person over X months and # of times that person has reported the SAME person in that time frame. This could alert SG to potential bullying.

Having several room moderators would be useful as well to actively stop things before they got out of hand. SG could limit the report feature to moderators only. It would drastically cut down on the number of “spite” reports and bullying that gets people chat banned.

While SG cannot deal with outside issues from its app, these issues from chat apps or Facebook (or other social media) where disagreements occur DO have a real effect on IN GAME chat reporting. Cyberbullying is real and SG needs to be aware of that. So having the means to track who is constantly reporting whom should help to flag unwarranted reporting and help eliminate unwarranted chat bans.

My opinion. My two cents.

Dear Small Giant – a plea for changes to in-game chat reporting

This important thread should definitley stay alive, even if it becomes a zombie :zombie:

We have a lot of good suggestions and I would like to know if some of them will be considered?


Lowering the character limit to around 250 would have an impact on the size of ad allowed


It seems the main room in question is the alliance recruitment room. I know SG does not have the resources to setup chat room moderators on payroll. Perhaps they could take applications for AR room moderators or suggestions from the player base for moderators of ar and all reports would come from the mods then under a structured format after a few warnings in game chat. And put the moderator tags on those players like they do the staff badge for members of staff so the wieght is given to that players warning.


Maybe somebody needs to look at the rules since members are asking for more transparency. This is hard to do without specific examples.
The players are concerned, those concerns should be investigated.

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Here they are again:

Here also is rule 14, which crops up again and again:



We asked for chat rules, not for forum rules. What we need right now is just a statement. We don’t need fast changes, we need to know that anyone cares.


This rule really chafes me. I was recently handed a 7-day ban and I can’t talk about the details, which were maddeningly unfair. You always do a great job moderating, Rook, and it’s a thankless one at that, but this is the Guinevere of rules–overpowered and gives you nowhere to go. Oh, she’s holy so you can damage her with purple! NOPE! She’s nearly immune after she fires her special! You can hit her with your specials–NOPE! She reduces mana! (Good gravy, I do not like Guinevere!)

That said, I agree that it’s too easy to report and certain chat participants are far too quick to do it. And I feel that, based on the number of stories hinted at in this thread, the rules favor the reporter, not the person being reported. It seems the person being reported is convicted with no chance to defend themselves, thanks to rules like the one Rook described. I’d discuss more, but I think I’ve strained the rule enough for today…


Ah forgive (darn autopilot!) Here are the chat rules as listed in the FAQ, plus an article called “AR Chat Do’s and Dont’s” which may be helpful:

These have both been recently updated. Take a look and see if they answer any questions. :slight_smile:


Leave it as it is please. Works perfect!


thanks Rook, good info as always.
Not sure the update solves the issue- seems like they could email everyone chat room changes to be sure all hear what’s different.
The new language also doesn’t clarify what “spamming” is - once a minute? Once every 5 minutes? Gonna mean different things to different people.
Also disappointed they talk about reporting and not blocking.
If they encourage people to report they have some responsibility for verifying reports are accurate.
It’s becoming clear that some are using the report feature to harass and bully others in the community- which is a violation of TOS. Not everyone who gets reported should get banned.
Blocking should be used to prevent spammers. Reporting should be used to report offensive behavior.


HEY, THIS points me to an idea. What is GC for anyway? What is its purpose? I guess it is for non-recruiting, non-game-support.

Something like that shouldn’t be the default place new players get dumped into.

GC could be called “Off Topic” or something like that, and made into a non-default chat room for people.

New players should show up in AR by default. (They can change it like anybody else, once they figure out that it exists!) Perhaps there should be a 20+ AR where people not looking for starting/training alliances can recruit/be recruited separately from all the newbies?

Me: I’m not a recruiter, and I rarely visit AR chat, never visit GC, tried the 20+ chat a couple times months back and was severely underwhelmed. I do spend spend time in PS.


THIS. From what I’ve seen in AR (which I mostly avoid), the norm is for recruiters to regularly re-post their recruiting ad. There are always lots of recruiters doing it when I go there.

If it was rare to see a recruiting ad re-posted multiple times, the few offenders could be singled out and banned, but if nearly everybody is skating close to the edge of that rule, it is a mess.

It is kinda like having a road with a speed limit you can get ticketed for breaking … but the numerical speed limit isn’t posted.

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There already is an Off Topic room which is where 90% of General Chat belongs, IMO. Lol. But I think new players should get dumped into Peer Support. Then if they’re looking for an alliance, PS could point them to AR (which could be divided into categories limited by SG for player level or TP), help them with game questions, or point them to where they want to be. Want to just chat? Off Topic. Want to talk about the game generally? GC. Looking for an alliance? AR.


"Spamming or Flooding the Alliance Recruitment Chat (or any chatroom) with Alliance ads is not allowed. "

How often are we allowed to repost ads? If we cant repost them every 2 or 3 minutes you might as well ban ads altogether because no one will see them.

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Looks good but except me, nobody reads them :cry:

Most people in the game aren’t on the forum.


I know that there are rules to follow in the game’s chats, but if the report button is misused then these functions must be reviewed. I have seen many players who hesitate to write something in the game’s different chat rooms because of the risk of being reported, I myself will for the first time during my soon two years in the game stop visiting these channels since I already received a 30 day ban for one little mistake, and this in turn led to me getting an email that told me that I can get my account banned from the game server, it should be done more to make people feel comfortable in these chat rooms, the fear of being reported destroys much of the fun of the game …

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Chat moderation, just like forum moderation, is a bit of a joke in this game. I strongly suspect that it is mostly automated, and that if enough people just complain or flag, you will get automatically suspended/banned.
And just forget about getting in contact with anyone that has any knowledge about why you actually got banned or any power over the actual process. Might as well bang your head against the wall.
Best advice I can give is to just keep quiet and keep your interactions to within your alliance.


I often wonder just what kind of people, members, the ad posters get from said ads. What kind of alliance these posters have?

My approach has always been to treat human beings LIKE human beings, get to know them a little. Often this results in them following me home :slight_smile: but also, just as often, I can’t even approach the poor soul because they cannot see me past all the huge, bright colored ads. While I personally block the posters, so my chat is mostly chat, this does not mean potential members do. Often they don’t even see me :pensive:


Wow, so because I post ads to get new members, I am not treating potential members as human beings??..I will have you know I have gotten many quality members for my alliance by posting ads, many of them staying long term and developing nicely into solid players with strong teams. Yeah, some people don’t work out but I’m sure that happens even in the alliances where you do all that chatting beforehand.