Chat and messages, help to visually impaired people

Due to a small eye surgery I had, and the subsequent difficulty in reading the alliance chat, I realized that there is no possibility to adjust the font size anywhere.
Taking inspiration from the possibility to select the high contrast mode to help those with visual difficulties, I believe it can be of great inclusiveness to facilitate the visually impaired people with the modification of the size of the font.

Another proposal which comes from the massive use my fellows and I make of the "alliance message’ is that it would be nice to have more pages, perhaps with a clip menu, one for each topic (war instructions, titan, various). This can be very useful to improve communication with all players who do not use channels outside the game to keep in contact.
Is this a need my alliance only has?

I absolutely agree with this request🔝

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I agree wholeheartedly.

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I also agree that this should be introduced

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For Christ this game running for years and still has the same microscopic letters in chat. CHANGE IT. People have vision problems or neck problems or if they don’t writing with so small words hurt your nervous system. This is even more important than getting a 5*. Is it really so difficult to increase the font and make it pleasant?

You are absolutely correct!
If we have to play with 12" pad, then we could not enjoy the game anytime.