⚖️ Charon - 5* Dark / Purple from Tower of Styx

Just after I decide to go cashless, pulled this guy…


Congratulations that’s amazing

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If I didn’t know you I might call you a liar, my friend :slight_smile: Congrats!
By the way, though, I’m going to be pretending like I didn’t want him because he’d make my Nyx wait and my Diaochan feel unloved. Just so you know.
And also by the way… they’re always watching and listening… must have heard that horrifying word: cashless. “We’ll get him back. We always do.”

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Thank you my friend… And you know it’s never enough and levelling up these heroes requires so much time and mats as well, so at the end of the day E&P is the real winner :slight_smile:

Got 2 Charon in 21 pulls. RNG is nuts


Hmm bought a 10 summons deal for 12.99 and got him with at the fifth pull. Okay, i did another 10 pull before and got Arges and Brontes and the 2 3*. Really very happy with my pulls. Thanks for that 'blatant cashgrab, SG!

Totally disagree. That boosted health at first charge is going to make him a target. You can’t ignore him cause he’ll eventually revive those you worked hard to kill. If you target him, better hope you down him before he makes everyone else stronger. He’s going to be great on defense and I’ll prove it once I finally max him.

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Yeah, and 50000 other people also did 20 pulls and got nothing, not even a 4-star hero. Your point? You’re actually disputing that buffing this hero on the day of release when he’s the only new hero in the portal, and where mathematically you need to spend $1750 to obtain him, is not a “cash grab”?

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2puttshaqur, i pulled him on the last Styx day in a 10 pull. I was shrieking when he came out, it was such a surprise. Ive levelled him now a bit and he is a dream.

Byzanthia, my point? You don’t need to make a ridiculous number of pulls to get a really cool hero (and if you do it, it’s your fault, not SG’s and it’s certainly not a cashgrab)

I also had numerous 30 pulls that rendered nothing, but then i stop and try next month. Ive never went over my budget and got a nice selection of 5*, but i haven’t got all i wanted, and that’s okay too.

Next point: where do you take your math from (1750)? Even if that’s true, people should know when to stop.

Lastly: i am not disputing he got buffed and i love it! Why would i not love my new hero being very strong? You would be appalled, i guess. Lol.

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Don’t make me jealous…

Grandpa has been awesome on my defense. Started out 11-3 and a plus 72. Of course, back down to earth as I got higher cups, but my smackdown wasn’t nearly as much as it usually is. He’s not even LB’d yet, so should be even better when that happens. Put him as tank because I basically want him to get focused on and fire that quick heal allowing my other heavy hitters hp increase and time to survive to charge.

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