Charge mana of heroes

In the game, a very fast mana hero needs to combine 7 tiles in order to activate the first power.
We assume that if the mana load is not 7 it is different and the game rounds the number up, since there are no 6.1 tiles.
This would be the calculations of the mana charge.

As I show the table below, this would be the real values taking into account each mana charge and how much percentage of mana we should give a mana hero very quickly to activate it with fewer tiles

now for a long time it was said that the mana charge level of a very fast hero was 6.5, but since there is no 0.5 tile on the board, it was rounded to 7

Following the load table of 6.5 to be able to activate it with 6 tiles I should calculate the percentage of 0.5 and subtract it to get 6 activation tiles (in case the load is 6.8 we have to subtract 0.8)

Below I will put a table of the real loads in the game according to how much mana we boost it and how many tiles we use to show that the calculations in the game are wrong or there is an error.

6 azulejos

As I do not expect you to believe simply from my words and calculations, I leave you a video demonstrating the theory of each of the charges when it is activated and when not according to what enhancement it really has in the game.

As I do not expect you to believe simply from my words and calculations, I leave you a video demonstrating the theory of each of the charges when it is activated and when not according to what enhancement it really has in the game

In conclusion 6.5 is not the mana load of a mana hero very fast since saying so with 26% of mana enhancement it should activate with 5 tiles and it does not take into account this any value less than 6.5 is discarded

seeing the activation of 5 tokens with 30% extra mana we only have 2 possibilities that the load is 7 or 6.9 but this is ruled out since we activate with 6 tokens with 9% extra mana so how is this understood ??? ???

Have you computed how much mana does a diamond and a dragon tile able to produce?

I have done other tests that cannot record without using a dragon card and the calculations do not give

In cases such as the activation of 5 tokens with diamond or dragon tokens, their value is never doubled, so how can this be relevant?

The tokens are supposed to be dragon, diamond, and normal to give the same amount of mana charge.
now if this were not the case, the value still does not match in the mana load calculations as shown in the video. since if this were the case and influenced something I could use 4 dragon tokens and activate a hero instead of having to use 5 normal ones and this does not happen

Very fast heroes charges with 6.5 tiles, 7 tiles required as tiles “splitted in half” doesn’t exists.
1,09 x 6 is over 6,5 so they will charge with 6 tiles if 9% extra mana is achieved.
1,30 x 5 is equal to 6,5 so it’ll charge with 5 tiles if 30% mana is achieved.

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Very fast heroes are loaded with 6.5 tokens, 7 tokens are required as “halved” tokens do not exist.

1.09 where do you get the 0.9 ???
if the load is 6.5 to activate with 6 chips there to get the 0.5
So 6.5 is = 100% mana 0.5 = 7.6% mana, so if I give it 7.6 it will activate with 6

1.09 1.30 where do you get those numbers

It’s possible that I’m not reading your table correctly, but let’s consider its first row (7 tiles).
If I multiply 14.6% times 7 I get close to the 100% required to get the extra tile, only problem being that with 7 tiles I’ve charged already.

TBH it looks to me that in order to charge something requiring 7 tiles with 6 you need to each tile to be worth 1+1/6 so you need a 1/6 bonus, 1/6 being 16.666666%.

It’s obviously possible I’m reading your data wrong, in which case I excuse myself.

if the activation is with 6.5 that means that each token is worth 15.38% of mana

the topic is the following
how much is the value of a normal tile, dragon tile. diamond tile.
in case anyone is inclined to this theory.
Now according to the mana load that you consider to be correct, calculate the value of a tile and its activation with 7,6,5,4 tiles then watch the video and see if your calculations are correct or add up, thank you very much

fast mana hero
-5% extra mana activation of 6 tiles no !!!
-9% extra mana activation of 6 tiles yes

-26% extra mana activation of 5 tiles no !!!
-30% extra mana activation of 5 tiles yes

37% extra mana activation of 4 tiles no !!!

Every hero charges with 100% mana speed wich may vary with troops, mana emblem’s node and buffs.

Very Fast heroes full charge is 6.5 tiles, Fast is 8 tiles, Average is 10 tiles, Slow is 12 tiles and Very Slow is 13.5

9% is the mana bonus that you will require to enhance the 6 tiles to be worth 6.5:

by having a 109% mana speed for the whole time 6 tiles are matched you will have an output of 6.54 tiles, enough for a very fast hero to fill his mana bar of 6.5

your calculation is simply wrong

6 tiles
6,5/6 = 8,33% ~ 9% mana genereation increase needed.
5 tiles
6,5/5 = 30% mana genereation increase needed.
4 tiles
6,5/4 = 62,5% ~ 63% mana generation increase needed

Until now I thought like that but if you try it in the game and do the same which to activate with 5 tiles an increase of 26% should be enough to activate with 5 tiles but this does not happen

No, as @freetgy pointed out you would need 30% mana generation increase to charge a very fast hero with 5 tiles.

I tried and managed to load with 5 chips with 30% more, that should be a value between 26.5 or 30% more mana you can see the video

Wich video are you talking about? I don’t see one here.

Anyway, with 30% or more mana generation bonus you will be able to charge a very fast hero by matching 5 tiles but anything less (a value between 26.5 and 30) wouldn’t let you do it, even 29,9999999%.

6.5/6 = 1.08
Are you trying to say that 8.33% is the value of half a tile
So if half tile is 8.33 and 6.5 is 100%
8.33 * 6.5 should give me 100% or close
and gives 54.1 what math you are using you could put the whole count

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