Character rating from players in app

Create a function so that when players fully ascend their characters, before applying emblems, can then rate how they like this hero. Players can use this rating to select characters and filter them and provides you all with feedback about how characters are liked by players. You could use options like power, reenforcement, or usefulness.

There is a hero guide out there that’s based on the subjectivity of players… but I think it’s hard to put ratings on a single hero. What’s more important is how the heroes interact with other heroes… :woman_shrugging:

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I second how crucial it is for how a hero plays within a given individual’s roster and every player’s roster is different (sort of). At least different when factoring play style as well. My personal style is awesome, FYI

Bad jokes aside, another factor that skews hero ratings is a players ability to pay, or not pay, within the game. If someone is F2P and gets a “bad” HotM like say Thoth Amun, I assume they may very well start crying tears of joy and poop themselves in a very dignified manner. Where as a P2W type player will cry tears of exacerbation and may still poop themselves, albeit in an undignified manner.

Regardless, that same hero will get completely opposite ratings and, truthfully, neither rating would be wrong. By the time you delineate enough factors you make each rating “accurate” it becomes too tedious and specific to reliably use without a 4 year bachelor degree in nerd jargon. Higher Ed and playing E&P can be expensive enough without needing an additional degree to make those two jive :+1:

Good luck out there!

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It’s good to get advice on who is better than who but everyone has different opinions on hero’s. There a thread now saying danza is crap but people do like him. There some hero’s that id max that others wouldnt it’s your choice most hero’s have a spot in everyone’s rosta

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