Character is an alliance leader locked


My problem is my lvl 29 character named jok is locked in as an alliance leader for whatever reason when I started this game it was my first character and I did not have game centre running so he was not saved
When I realised I needed game centre open to save which was after I started the game on another device (iPad) and I could not access my original character started on an iPhone because game centre had not save the profile for some reason.
I went back to playing game on the iPhone but it would never save the profile of that original character I started with.
When I would open the game it would ask me if I wanted to Keep or Load on a pop up screen after loading the game ,I would select Keep and I could play the game with my original character jok.
After playing for long time I joined an alliance Shields of Honor which was ok slow progress no pressure a good first alliance experience I thought but after a few months the leader promoted me somehow and he left and I became leader of the alliance.
This was strange but ok and we continued playing building up the alliance and friendships
My problem started when I grabbed the iPhone to play one evening and as game loaded I accidentally hit the Load button on the pop up screen and from then on I have not been able to access my main and first character jok as game centre never saved the profile.
So currently this character jok is leader of the alliance but I can’t access the profile to play or leave alliance
I contacted support who said they can’t h Eli because I have 2 characters on one account which was not done intentionally
So unless they reinstate this character to my account he will be stuck in game limbo as leader of an alliance
I have started another profile and rejoined the alliance and we can move and start a new alliance but I really want to have my character back as the error was in game centre for not saving his profile when it was activated to do so
Anyone come across this before ?
Any thoughts or suggestions
Oi imagine they could delete the profile if they wanted to which is not my preferred option as I spent a lot of time and money on this character and I would like this character reinstated to my account.