Character display discrepancy between fields in game

So I recently changed my name. And on my profile it shows up correctly like this:


But when I am chatting in my alliance game chat it is missing the ฿ character. So it instead shows up like this:


I have attached images showing examples of both correct and incorrect displaying of the name.

Apparently the issue is that some fields can/will display the Bhat symbol (฿) but others can/will not.

I’m not asking for a miracle here. I’m just asking for a little uniformity so that what you see when entering in a new name (which you have to pay for) is what you end up with across the entire game space.

I believe forum rules are support ticket should not be posted in the forums.

@Rook I’m not sure what the correct procedure is for this?

Maybe you should have tried being polite - it gets amazing results…


Given, it could have been handled better on both sides.

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There was an addition to Forum Rules recently about not publicly posting correspondence from SG.

Therefore, alas, I am removing the entire opening post. Yes, canned responses are annoying. I agree the post should have been read more closely for understanding. Good luck with the name change. :slight_smile:

Hey Rook. Thanks for the info. Any advice on what I should do? Does the support team actually make any effort to fix bugs like this when posted as straight up bug reports on the forum (as opposed to posting it as correspondence)? Or are things like this strictly handled over the support ticket system?

I believe they do both. I’ve seen response both ways. :wink:

Ok. So I have updated the post to be more in line with a bug report. Hopefully this is acceptable.

20 characters of Thank-you @Rook :smile:

I could imagine that this Symbol/letter is not part of the Chat Keyboard maybe…

It’s a good theory, but it does in fact exist. See screenshot.

FYI this is the Thai keyboard.