Chaotic Outlaws are looking at you! [11-12* 150k alliance, 3700tp & 2400+ cups]


You looking for a drama free alliance? You looking for an alliance that has international players and leadership? You looking for a tight knit group you grow with and love like family? You looking for a multi tiered alliance with room for growth and/or a place holder alliance in case of vacation or real life? We might be the fit for you !!!

Update: 11-12* titans and currently ranking between 145k-150k. Need one last player to bump us above 153k and into the top100. Updated image will be available soon !

Update: new image

Update: New alliance score.

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We have 5 total spots to fill.


4 spots open. Door is open


Spots are filling up. Only 2 left after war.


I’ve been playing for 6 months. Been averaging 2500 trophy’s for 45 days. 3 teams with an overall score of 3500. Very active, always hit the Titan and never opt of war. Let me know if I fit your mold.


Add me on line @ dLm_mage, we will discuss.


Still have 2 spots open. Get em now, dont wait for war end when everything gets crazy…


@steveb9094 did you get my message?


We are full at the moment but will have 1 spot opening after the war. Line: Zenya69


That one spot opened.


One spot available for the time being. Updated original message


Have 2 spots after war. Looking for mature core players…line @ dLm_mage


I am considering leaving my alliance. I have 2500 cups right. Now. Lol. and as high as 2700. And 6 teams above 3200.(12 rainbow teams although I usually stack 3/2. Def is 4103. -


@Spg you did have the right contact info. Thank you for reaching out. I responded, please check your line messages at your earliest convenience.


1 more open spot. Come join an alliance that plays like a team and cares about their members…


War is almost over. Got this one spot to fill…


We have a few spots open. Currently on 10*/11* titans.


Still have a couple spots open…


Currently full. We have started a waiting list if you want a chance to be a part of an amazing alliance with solid leadership that believes in team work and its members…


We now have one spot open.