Chao's mana cut not preventing enemy specials from activating sometimes

The behaviour of Chao’s special is different for attacker and defenders. When Im attacking and I have a hero with a full bar at the end of my turn if I’m hit by the defending team’s Chao I lose mana and my ability to fire the special, as expected. However, when a defending hero has a full mana bar at the end of their turn and I hit them with my Chao they only lose their mana, they still get to fire their special as if the bar were full.

Edit: this only happens when the game ticks up the last bit of mana on the bar automatically, not when the bar is filled to full by tile hits. Also it’s not reacting this way on every hero and I didn’t note which heroes it happens with. I will add as that was info as and when I have it.

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Can you get a video of this in effect? The only way this could happen is if you hit that hero with enough tiles to fill the bar back up


Do you have any screenshots of this happening?

Chao makes up my mono yellow raid team and I have never seen this.

In fact the main reason he is on my team is precisely so that I can stop someone with a full mana bar from firing.

Could it be that his special has in fact missed the target due to a blind/stun/dodge etc or that the enemy in question has a mana immunity such as the emblem mana shield or Poseidon’s mana resist ability?


No. The hero was not hit. His mana bar was reduced and on the next turn the hero was able to fire the special. I have no screenshot of it but I’ll try. It’s been happening since the last update.

No, not due to mana resist as the mana was reduced as expected but the special still fired.

I’ve just tried to get a video (unsuccessfully) and I understand your question better now… Its not when the bar is filled to full by tiles. When that happens the opponent will fire all their specials and normal shots before I have a chance to fire Chao. This happens when the mana is full but when it’s full due to the game adding the automatic incremental mana at the end of their turn. It’s then my turn and if i fire Chao they lose mana but still fire as if full, even though the bar is showing the mana is reduced.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re saying here. It sounds like the sequence is this:

–Your Turn–

  • You make a yellow tile match, causing Chao’s mana bar to become full

–Enemy’s Turn–

  • Enemy does their special attacks
  • Enemy does their normal attacks
  • Enemy’s mana bar fills to full at the end of their turn, from automatic mana gain

–Your Turn–

  • Your Chao already had a full mana bar from last turn, so you use him to attack an enemy who has a full mana bar, reducing them below full
  • You make a tile match that does NOT hit the enemy who you just hit with Chao, thus ending your turn

–Enemy’s Turn–

  • The enemy who you hit with Chao is still able to activate their special attack, even though Chao reduced their mana

Is this correct?

And, just to avoid confusion, you’re 100% sure it’s their special attack that is activating and not a slash attack? Because they will definitely have their slash attack ready to use in this scenario, even though their mana bar is reduced.

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Garanwyn, sorry for my clumsy explanation but apparently it was good enough as you’ve described the events perfectly.

Yes, definitely the special attack and not the slash attack. I remember 2 specific times when the special fired reduced the mana of my heroes so definitely a special. Also on those occasions it was a single mana loss and a multiple mana loss. I also think the other was also a yellow hero… So Chao, and Xi Lui…? I can’t recall noticing if there were specific active buffs at the time but thought all special protecting buffs also protect mana so figure if the mana is reduced then no immunity has been given in that occasion. I also can’t recall if there was a common third hero on those two occasions.

Another thing I just thought of is the classes. Was it a Cleric with emblems that got hit? Manashield would explain this. Or Poseidon’s special being active.

Another possibility is Onatel’s Mana Steal. Did your heroes have that ailment?

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No worries. Turns are definitely complicated to describe, and I just wanted to be sure I had clear in my head what was happening :slightly_smiling_face:

That definitely sounds like something weird is happening. In that scenario, barring some other mana gain process or mana shielding, the enemy should only have a slash attack–at least, as I understand things.

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