Chaos in the Park is looking for motivated team players

Chaos in the Park is Currently Recruiting!
Things to know about Park
● Incredibly war oriented - One of the top 5 alliances when it comes to winning wars.
● Full of active players covering many time zones.
● Extremely team oriented
● Chaining 14* titans
Our goal is to win wars at max penalty through highly organized war plan, and by sharing
information to help develop and teach players so that we can open war chests at a rapid pace.
● Must use LINE
● Desire and willingness to learn.
● Must be a team player. Our play style is very team oriented. Egos are checked at the
door. We win and lose as a team, which is part of what makes us special.
● Must have a sense of humor. We take war very seriously, but we like to have fun too.
We are a very chatty bunch. “Land of 1,000 Lines”
● HEROES: 25 maxed 5* (If you’re close, but not quite there yet, reach out and see about
temping/visiting for a war or two. Come see what we’re about, and if we’re a good fit for
you. We also have a LINE chat specifically designed to share knowledge with up and
coming players that are interested in being part of Park in the future.)
● TROOPS: 5 4* troops (preferably 3 crit/2 mana) leveled to at least 6 across in all colors
● TITANS: Ability to maintain a 150k average on 14*
● WAR: Attack 100% in mono teams and willingness to record and share videos of all war
hits, to help improve everyone’s tile toggling and raise skill caps.


We need to meet in war!!


That would be fun. :heart:

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I would love that. Or you could just come visit for a war when @Math4lyfe let’s you off your chain :joy::joy::tada:

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I have already mentioned it and got the ok, just waitin for a good time to do so

That’s great. You guys are doing so well. It’s nice to see you on the leaderboard. :slight_smile:


Thanks and back at ya!

starts cleaning house for company

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