Chaos in the Park: 14 Star Titans & Streaking Wins at Max War Ceiling

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[Top Image] Top of List - Teams winning or have won at there “Max War Score” = Blue.

[Bottom Image] Top 3 “Most War” Winning Alliances during this 8 War Data pull.

“Uncontested Winning War’s Is NOT a bench issue (within reason); it’s a Skill Cap Issue. Boards are NOT luck it’s based on Probability”

  • Park is a Heavily War orientated Alliance.
  • Many very active players; Addicts
  • Lots of Grabarsey


War - Ability to win Wars uncontested through a highly organized war plan, math, developing, teaching, sharing information and taking edges in Probability. Why? Gives us the ability to open chests at a rapid rate.


Must use Line. Must be willing to post videos of war hits.

Want and Willingness to learn. We want to help each other get better. From war hits to titan hits. It’s what we do.

Must be a team player. We check egos at the door and everything we do we do as a team.

Must have a sense of humor. We like to kick ■■■ but we love to have fun too. We chat ALOT

Looking for players with 20+ Maxed 5’s
Looking for pups/addicts with 15+ Maxed 5’s traveling or desire to move through this game at a insanely was pace if given knowledge to on a quicker growth/edges

Minimum of 5 Troops in each color Color (Preferable 3 Crit/2 Mana) @ at least level 6*
Players with the troops that are working on going wide with their troops.

War Timing:
Ability to use 3 War Flags in first 4 hours of war (Wens/Sat) [Majority of time/willing & able to communicate if not]

Ability to use remaining War Flags by WC 10:00 Wednesday & 4:00 Sunday (WC= War-clock=Timer counting backwards) [Majority of time/willing & able to communicate if not]

War Expectations:

  • We are 100% Mono Team.
  • We track stats over time and adjust players up and down based on past performance
  • We post Videos to help improve each other’s tile play and skill cap
  • Achieve ~70%+ 1 Shot percent in War (prolonged time). We will help you achieve this goal


Chaining 14s. Aim for B! (Must maintain an average titan damage of 130k over a rolling 2 weeks.)



Are you still looking

@Kreeves yes we are. Hit me up in Line at jester2009



Not sure if you’re finding all these posters or making them but I like them.

20 bumps for creativity


Cheers Mate


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I made most but not all of them. Thank you :heart:

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Everyone needs some chaos in their life or it’s boring as :poop:


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