Chaos & Bacon is recruiting! ( 9+ Titans, only 1200 caps required, last spot!)

Alliance Chaos & Bacon is recruiting!

We are looking for active & friendly players to fill our ranks. We are a chatty(some of us somewhat chatty but very friendly) group from all over America, UK and Worldwide and have great fun playing the game whilst helping everyone get the best rewards! We have many players that are playing for 1-2 years and have deep knowledge of the game. It is great place to grow and learn!

We ask for DAILY hits on Titan. We are killing 9-10. War is optional but majority of alliance participating, if you opt-in - all hits in War mandatory. We are using defensive war strategy to accommodate flexible time for hits, as most of us are busy working :smiley:

We are chill, friendly and drama free. Check us out!

Search for “chaos & bacon”. It is open alliance you just need 1200 cups to join.

Ping me on Line chat if you have any questions. Line Id: tankhaar.


Last spot. It is ideal alliance if you have busy work or life but still active and would like to see people like you around. Most people are 30+ years old.

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