Chao or Cyprian?

Who should I level first, Chao or Cyprian? I have Boldtusk, Frogger, and a fully leveled Triton.

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Who is Frogger? :wink:

My recommendation is Cyprian of these two. Cyprian is on almost all of my attack teams, while Chao’s getting dusty until his class trial.

Cyprian can kill all the monster AoE like Isarnia, Elena, Quintus etc as well as lower AoE Bosses by one cast and riposte will last 5 long turns.


You’re giving us a Very limited amount of information to base a decision on but that being said, I’d go Cyprian as well…I think lol. Without know what all you’re working with and what priorities you have in general for the game it’s really hard to say.

Frogger is a 4* nature hero with 155 damage to all and a minion eater. Not my favorite or hardly anybody else’s. But he can take some damage staying on the outside.


Good old Gobbler. That’s a great nickname.

I’ll be controversial and vote for Chao - his mana cut is useful. Surely it’s better to prevent a special being fired than absorb it and then deal with all the buffs?!


I like Chao a lot too, actually, and made extensive use of my “Chaos” (aka 2xChao 3-60) during my first several months playing.

I also like Riposte on Offense, and it’s useful on Defense until you start getting higher in Raids, but I’d recommend Chao too.

That said, what I really recommend is using same-color feeders on your heroes, so you get the 20% bonus.

So I’d suggest working on both Chao and Cyprian at the same time, using yellow and purple feeders, respectively.


Agree with this. As you pointed out, most people find Gobbler to be terrible. It’s possible - depending on your priorities, roster, and progress in the game - that you’d be better off leveling a 3-star in green than Gobbler. (I know you didn’t ask about green; just saying.) I think it’s a pretty common practice to level one hero in each color simultaneously, so I’m not even sure why the answer couldn’t be “both”, as Cyp and Chao are different colors, as are the other heroes you mentioned.


FWIW, I got a few months of good use out of 3-60 Gobbler too, in addition to Chao and Cyprian.

If you don’t Summon a lot, you work with what you’ve got. :man_shrugging:


I actually misspoke. Cyprian, Chao and Frogger are fully leveled and to ascend I only need gloves for each of them. There’s no way l’m ascending Frogger first; just wondering about the other two.

Also, I forgot to mention I’m C2P.

Oh, no doubt. I rolled with Danzaburo for WAY longer than I expected to because I had no other yellow options, and actually ended up liking him. (Ironically, just as I was approaching the appropriate mats to ascend Poseidon as my first maxed five-star, I drew Wu Kong, Hu Tao, Leonidas, and four Li Xius within two weeks or so, so now I have a backlog of yellows instead of a dearth! New dearth is in red.)

It just sounded possible that OP hadn’t leveled a rainbow or double rainbow 3-star team yet, and it might be better to level some other 3-star greens and see what else comes along.

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THAT makes more sense. I don’t have Chao, and my Cyprian is still at 1^1, so take this advice for what it’s worth, but Gobbler (who I also don’t have) looks to me to be the kind of (relatively) high HP, low defense hero that could work well with Cyprian’s perfect riposte. Low defense heroes take more damage, and hence, reflect more damage when covered by riposte. Unfortunately, you have to keep them healed for this to work, and while BT does some healing, someone like Rigard, Sabina, or Melendor would make this way more effective. I’m counting on some similar synergy between my Boril (currently leveling) and my Gormek +9 (aka, the Giant Bag of Meat).

From what I know of these heroes, though, this is a close call, and you will likely reap benefits from either decision.


That’s a good point - Cyprian and Chao are both fine and neither choice is going to break the game for you. Pick whichever one you like best.


Another vote for Cyprian. Chao is fine, but that’s just it. Nothing more… Meanwhile Cyprian used the right way will win lots of fights for you. Raids, quests and events, Cyprian is the better man… or undead so to say…


Unfortunately, BT is the only 4* healer I have. I have maxed Friar and Belith otherwise. Would LOVE Rigard or Sabina!

This. If you’re a new player and that is your top team, you should always be feeding heroes to your levelling hero of the same color. There is a 20% XP bonus when you do this. Assuming you are in an Alliance and want to eventually participate in Wars, you want 30+ fully levelled heroes in the long run at a minimum. Feeding like colors will get you there quicker and more efficiently.

If you must choose one, Cyprian hands down. Will get you through Challenge events and tough bosses a lot easier when you can just let them nuke themselves to ashes.

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I’d say Cyprian. He’ll hold his own far longer than Chao. Plus, it’s hilarious to see your opponent’s D team kill itself!

I went through some months using primarily BT. Cyprian, and Boril in combination. Vulnerable to debuffers but otherwise quite potent. I don’t have Chao yet but I really don’t get bothered when facing him, often leaving him for last. Other than his mana reduction he’s not much of a threat, and there are certainly better mana reducers out there. He’s a poor man’s Li Xiu.

CYPRIAN. I used him to finish S2 normal.

Cyprian against tough bosses or events.

To me, Chao is a mini tank pretending to be a sniper :rofl:

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