Chao mana decrease

When I use Chao’s special strike, it is supposed to reduce the target’s mana by 25%. However, when activated, the target’s mana decreases but they are still able to use their own special strike. Am I understanding this correctly? Thanks.

If you use it on attack raids, the mana you cut will eventually refill automatically by the turn after.
This is why Li xiu is good on defence raids but not on attacks.

You mean this?

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Yes, on raids. When I hit a full mana hero with Chao’s special, the target’s blue bar decreases, but he’s still able to use his own special strike immediately without rebuilding it.

Oh, ok. Now you know it’s normal.
Sadly cutting mana against the CPU it’s quite useless, is it raids or boss fights.

Unless you do a combo with Hel/Little John special.
Mana get cut and then blocked/slowed.

Ok. That explains it. I just didn’t think they’d be able to refill immediately and use the special strike all in the same turn. I’ll just need to knock his mana down a move or two in advance instead of waiting until it’s full. Thanks!

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A flat 20% reduction is two turns on an average hero if at cap anyway, and slightly better than that on a slow hero if we’re just talking natural regen.

Chao and Li are both highly effective heros on both sides of the raid equation.

Titans gain mana so quickly anyway unless you have Hel I’m a little bit dubious on the special of Chao and Li is an only if no better option even against Onyx / Dread titans.

Sorry, can’t agree this time.

On defence, if you cut the mana on a full mana heroes it delays the special minimum on 2 turns or even more. (You need 1 turn to refill, and another to shoot at best)
On attacks you can delay it for 2 turns at best, if you are lucky. But if you hit the same hero with gems in that same turn, that hero may shoot his special exactly the same turn like nothing was happened (and this is exactly what he complains)

So naturally i don’t say that Chao or Li Xiu are useless on attack.
I just say they are better on defence.

A delay of 2 turns equates to being able to land 2 x 3 tiles, or otherwise charge a minimum of six on your heroes.

Anything that drives special generation in your favor is absolutely clutch, and that’s one of the fundamental underpinnings of raid attack. Even a delay of 1 turn is huge if it keeps your being whacked by Lianna. Also I’m not entirely sure it’s based on current mana, as Li doesn’t make my lineup much anymore and I typically obliterate her tanking anyhow.

Better on defense, maybe for Li, though I’d argue that’s absolutely not the case with Chao given the AI implementation, but I’ll still stand by my assertion they are highly effective on both sides of raiding: mana control is huge and the strike damage isn’t terrible in either case (other than facing healer teams with Li there the strike damage is a bit irrelevant).