Chao, Li or Hu Tao

I have another pair of fine gloves to ascend a hero. Hu Tao is at 3/60. Li at 2/42 and Chao unlevelled. My only good yellow is Bane. And O just pulled Khagan, my second 5*.

What is the rest of maxed heroes?
I will prefer Li for mana control and also good in defense either tank, flank or wing.
Hu Tao is also danger blind all opponent, but slow.

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The ones that are levelled are Grimm,Little John and Wilbur and Wu. Santana is at 3/60.
Unlevelled are: Caedmon, Tiburtus, Cyprian. Danzaburo, Li Xiu,Gobbler, Skittle, Gormek.

Interesting, no healer?
Finish Sartana to 3.70

Leveling by color:
Red: Gormek
Blue: -
Green: Caedmon
Yellow: Li, Danza, Hu Tao
Purple: Tiburtus, Cyprian


Li because of versatility. Alright tank, mana control useful on attacks.

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I can’t ascend Sartana.Don’t have the mats.
For healers I have Kashh at max. Belit, Hawkmoon and Friar.

You have no fast hitters so Chao is the easy choice here. He’s the most versatile of those IMO

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I have fast hitters but they are 3*.

Mana speed is huge in this game. Definitely need some fast snipers

I have Balthazar, Berden, Valen,Azar,Bane and Nashgar

Li and Caedmon are the top 2 for me. Li’s a versatile hero that drops mana. Caedmon’s a great sniper who dispels


So that’s means your Sartana is not at 3.60, it should be at 2.60 right?
OK, I hope next you will get good healer like Rigard/Sabina/Melendor and also 2nd healer BT/Kiril.

Sartana is at 3/60. I used another fine gloves to ascend her

OK, if Sartana is not yet in the mats wall as you said at 3.60, you just finish Sartana to 3.70 without any material needed… you need to ascend from 3.70 to 4.01 later.

Maxed level based on tier:
*5 hereos: 1.50, 2.60, 3.70, 4.80
*4 heroes: 1.40, 2.50, 3.60, 4.70

So Sartana is *5, if your sartana at 3.60 (already at 3rd ascend), just continue to 3.70.

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With Little John already level, i don’t think another slow hero like Hu Tao would be a good idea.
As stated, Caedmon should be a no-brainer, he can be pretty useful paired with Wilbur to dispel the spirit link and chose your targets more efficiently.
As for your initial question, Li can serve at tank, is sturdy and her mana control, paired with Lil John might screw more than one opponents.


Wilbur can tank just as well as Li Xiu IMO. And with only average and slow speed heroes maxed how do you not go for the fast Chao?

I don’t know, that is why I come to the forums for advice because there are people out there that have more knowledge than me.

Because Li hits all, Chao hits one. And Li is more durable


But Li is average speed and in this game fast speed and very fast are kings. Sure average speed heroes are worthwhile if their special is great, but Li Xiu is very average IMO. She hits like a wet noodle.

I worked with Chao and Little John in tandem for a long time.

If you dont need a tank I would ascend Chao.

I finished last Christmas event with LJ, 2xChao, Kiril and another classic 4* hero I cant remember.

The synergy of LJ with one or two Chaos should not be underestimated.

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