Chao costume just steal mana of turns not all generated mana

Hi guys
Maybe many know this maybe not I just write it for players like me that not know it and try to get costume of Chao based on he steal whole mana of enemy last turn.
He steal mana generated of turns not before it
First turn 25%
Second 50%
Third 75%
Forth 100%
So if enemy generates 1 tile he steal 0.25% tile first turn and work based on this.
I suggest to explain card data more many players are not english language like me, I made mistake by Reuben too he reduce damage of statuses aliment and actually everything in game is status aliment and he just reduce damage of DoT
I lost resource on him too it was better to write the correct info or explain it.
About Chao I made mistake in reading card info but about Reuben data was wrong for sure

That’s weird, i didnt level him up or test him but the skill description is the same as Onatels so he should steal all generated mana

As to Reuben: Status ailment is something that puts a little icon onto your hero. Only those that cause damage are affected, which is DoT, Carol’s presents, and a few others. Slash attacks and the like are NOT Status ailments. And a Defense Down doesn’t cause damage directly, so Reuben can’t do anything about it.

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Description is ok, it clearly states “steals generated mana”, not “steals mana” see the difference here?

Onatel and Renfeld have the same special, and it’s one of the best ones in the game if well used.

Pity Chao only does one enemy, but Onatel can win a match by herself if handled correctly.


Onatel is the same - mana steal starts small and increases

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That is okay. It steals a fraction of mana that you (would) get that turn. This can be seen that if you use a tiles for hero that has debuff, from say, Onatel, she will raise her mana from every tile. Chao should do the same but for one person only.

Cool thread…


i think both chao’s and reuben’s cards are pretty clear, although i can see how they may be misinterpreted if your native language isn’t english.

if your native language is available in game, i suggest you switch to it to avoid constantly misinterpreting the cards. if it’s not available, perhaps you can write it in to SG as a request and check the forum for clarification before going after heroes?

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