Changing war: Ideas?

I have the idea of changing war for maybe once a month. What about a battle line war. As ancient wars worked you have break a line to attack the second line. The idea is that line 1 teams fight line 1 teams. If you are able to defeat one of the first team line 2 can then enter the war. Once line 2 breaks through then line 3 gets involved with the war and so on. I think this will make war totally different as more strategy will be needed from the leader. Any ideas or reservations?

Would you care to expand? I’m not sure I understand how this works. in ancient wars, you had to armies facing each other, and as long as the first line held, the second one stayed put (to put things very roughly). But here we don’t have armies, we have 6 teams of 5 heroes x the number of players in the alli who opted in for the war. What do you have in mind? Once a player’s defence has been wiped off, it is replaced by another defence (defence team #2)? You can keep attacking with the same heroes if they haven’t been killed in previous fights? You must use the same attack team as long as it hasn’t been entirely killed?
None of this sounds like it might work…
Is it something else?

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I hope I’m understanding this correctly:

Currently teams line up in rows of five based on their rank (leader always at front centre, surrounded by co-leaders, then elders, then members at the rear).

I think the OP is proposing that the alliances can arrange their own line ups, on the condition that the front row of teams must be defeated before the next row can be attacked.

So in an alliance of say 15 teams:


Team 6 could only be attacked once team 1 is defeated, team 11 could only be attacked once teams 1 and 6 are both defeated etc.

If this is the suggestion I think it could change up war strategies. Some thoughts:

  • It takes away some strategy (who to attack etc) as it limits the attacking options to five at a time. This disadvantages less co-ordinated alliances who might end up with a weak attack v strong defence matchup - so maybe the side with stronger defence teams (not necessarily stronger attack teams) will have a significant advantage.
  • The basic strategy seems to be to put the strongest teams at the front and weakest teams in the rear.
  • Alliances would need to co-ordinate more instead of just hitting the weaker teams early and wait for respawn, since they’ll need their strong teams to break down the opponent’s front lines first. So there’s additional incentive to get early resets since the strongest teams will be the first to respawn.
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I thought of something before, but didn’t know if it would make things any more interesting…

You have a battlefield setup where you have five forts on each side. Each fort is filled with a standard 5-hero team, and that team is fixed for the whole war. Any hero in the fort cannot be used during the war.

During the war, a Mythic Titan stands between the two sides, and the heroes in the fort automatically attack the Titan each hour, doing damage based on their total team power (or maybe their attack power). Whichever side does more damage in total during that hour causes the Titan to move towards the other side.

If the Titan moves far enough, one of the forts will be disabled for the next hour (Titan is directly attacking the fort). Pushed further, another fort will be disabled, and so forth.

For all the players, they have the standard 6 hits (maybe more), which they can use to either hit a fort (reducing the amount of damage it does to the Titan based on how many heroes go down), or directly attacking the Titan, contributing to the damage for that hour.

The total damage done to the Titan is the score for each team.

The strategy would be to what teams to put in the forts to maximize damage to the Titan, but still be able to defend against attacks from players. And the players would then have to pick whether to hit the forts, or hit the Titan, as well as when to hit.

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I’ve always thought a variation on a camouflage/ night effect would be cool. At beginning you can’t see what heroes you are fighting just TP and individual health/ mana charge. Once you take out a team you see what heroes were on it. Would lead to some interesting and fun strategies around what to do about stacking etc

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That might be interesting… You deliberately set up a team that is average in team power, but have tons of nasty heroes that are hard to kill (like multi-healers) as traps. And they wouldn’t know, so their first hit would be “wasted”.

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Yes this is what i had in mind. Thank you people for having a open mind. Much Appreciated.