Changing user name


@MrMeeseeks me too good buddy.


Can someone please change my username too. Just realized i wrote a c instead of a x
So regiusmac should be regiusmax…:grin:


Done and done! :slight_smile:


@Rook could you please change my name to Quinn? I want to use my game name. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I set all of this up lol. Great learning experience. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you


@Rook, you can correct mis-spelled names?

Not my forum name, but the avatar name?

Always been mad at my fat fingers.


Quinn is taken on the forum - can you pick a variation?


In game names cost 500 gens :frowning:


[H]Quinn will that work?


Yeah, I wish they didn’t charge for that. It’s kind of annoying. There’s a lot Quinn’s popping up in the game now. That’s the name the game gave, it didn’t let me pick one. But I’m the only Quinn with the [H]


Not allowed punctuation :pensive:

  • Hquinn
  • QuinnH

Would either of these work?


The first one would rock. Thank you so very much


Done. Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Thank you!! You’re the best :blush: Merry Christmas