Changing the method of attacking the Titan

The position of 90 seconds of the magazine is very elective. I see the placement of a certain number of the stages (the number of movements) will be much better than the linking of a particular duration. The number of stages (movements ) can be modified by the number of stars of the titan

It’s something I had been thinking of myself, I get stressed with the timer lol… but I think that is just all part of the challenge, to show grace under pressure (even if it would be much nicer on my nerves to have a set number of turns!)

I was actually thinking to post a similar idea, which is keeping the timer but giving us one final round of attack after the timer expires… less mashing of one’s fingers against the screen at the end, and certainly less occasions of feeling robbed of a final good board… especially when the last action is a titan special that takes forever and a day to animate and the timer expires half-way through it! Then again, it can be argued that not panicking at the end is the biggest part of the not panicking throughout aspect of the challenge.

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Especially since the Titan always seems to get the last hit

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That will be more in tune with puzzle theme.

Great idea, but maybe instead of putting it in Titan, why not make it in a new alliance activity:

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Personally I prefer the timer. I would hate wasting over half of my turns just to get some decent matches and then not be able to have an okish hit because the boards were not playing nice

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