Changing screens

Someone may have already said this but I noticed that, after the last one or two updates, if I change to another window or app on my Android midway through a raid or auto farm battle, the game restarts if I don’t return within 10 or 15 seconds. Is that a deliberate update change?

Pre update I could wait up to a minute and change between screens without consequence!

I also noticed the game restarts more frequently in general eg if I’m at my base and change apps/screens for ten seconds.

Am I the only one here?


I have that often with one phone, but not on another. Both Androids. The phone that has this happen has lower specs than the other, so that’s what I always assumed was the issue.

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Right!! Thanks @havok333

Interesting though that it only happened with the new update for me. Maybe more stuff on this update.

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