Changing forum user / profile name [MASTER]

Thank you zephy!! =)

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Thank you zephyr1. .

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@Rook or @zephyr1, would it be possible to change my username on the forum please?

Current: Raysus
Wanted username: RayZeus

Thanks very much in advance!

Done! :zap::swan::classical_building:


@Rook or @zephyr1 can I get my forum name changed to Bonecrusher? Thank you!

Done! From the friendly :duck::man: to the intimidating :bone::building_construction:



Thank you @zephyr1! You Rock!


@Traggeter I see you include this sort of thing often in your posts:

So I thought I’d ask…would you like your Forum username changed to Traggeter?

If you could do that, i would appriciate that. @zephyr1
AKA Traggeter :grinning:


Done, you are AKA no more! :smile:


A million thanks @zephyr1


Hey I hate to bother you again and I promise this will be the last name change. I left the game out of frustration but missed it so much I decided to come back but I wanted a new start. Can you please change my name to zigzag

Welcome back to the game, and you are Grip no more, @CaptainCorvus! :twisted_rightwards_arrows::zap:

Thanks you so very much

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Could I please get help in changing my name? Currently I have mine as ID-ohanajewels. I’d like to go to Jewels. Please, and thank you.

All set! :gem: :dizzy: :ring:

I totally appreciate you doing this for me. I’m going to hit you up for the same request on my other device lol. Virtual hugs…

Here I am on my other device requesting my username be changed from Ohanajewels to Jewel Pearl Gem. Thanks again (in advance for your help).

Sorry, I’m confused — why do you have two Forum accounts?

I play on my personal cellphone and on my work iPad.