Changing forum user / profile name [MASTER]

I’d probably not mention that, it’s technically against the rules to gift gsme accounts, I expect.

In terms of the forum name, I suggest just making your own new forum account.


And could this forum account be deleted? If so, yes, but would it not involve the game account?

The forum and game accounts are completely separate.

If this forum account was someone else’s, you really should just create your own. This will have no effect on the game account.

Ok, if you can delete it I’ll create a new one later

It doesn’t need to be deleted. Just log out and start again.

You can then pick your own name and picture.


Doesn’t work like that im gonna silence the account.
Just sign up a new one with your details I’ll let the staff decide what to do with this one.


@zephyr1 Please can my username be to the same as my screen name HFW.

Zeph has gone, man.

I can change your name, but I hope you still have sight beyond sight.

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