Changing forum user / profile name [MASTER]

Hello Moderarors! Can I have my name changed to
Part Time Pimpin’?

  1. A moderator can change your name.

  2. The Forum doesn’t delete, but your account can be anonymized upon request.

  3. You can only have one name/account.

  4. @Pocket_Watcher: Your chosen name must not violate Forum Rules. You might have a difficult time getting “Pimping” through, as the Forum is also open to children. :wink:

Sorry Moderators. Can I get my name changed to Pocket Watcher?

SLB → Pocket_Watcher = :white_check_mark:

(Not allowed spaces)


Is there any limit to number of times we may care to change the user name here?

Have a good day &
Thank you for your efforts with the members!

It’s only limited to how many times we’re willing to change it. We’d probably lose interest if it’s more than every few months unless there’s a particular reason.


Appreciated… ty!!
I like to understand the rules… lol


Hello moderators, can I get my name changed to 948r!31?

No exclamation marks, I’m afraid

Then please to 948ri31

All done for you :+1:


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How about to Sandra for the day, just because :thinking:. Yeah nah… Only joking :wink:


Too late :crazy_face:

The monkey’s paw claims another victim


:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :woman_facepalming:t2:

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When you have the time change forum name to


thank you!!


Hello, could someone help me change the name because the one that was before left it … thanks in advance

What’s the issue your having. :blush:

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Hello, thank you for your attention, did you see where Damian Ultra Instinct says, I want to change it because it no longer belongs to him … how can I change it? I’m new and I wanted to update them, thank you very much in advance

So have you got some one else’s account?

I’d probably not mention that, it’s technically against the rules to gift gsme accounts, I expect.

In terms of the forum name, I suggest just making your own new forum account.


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