Changing forum user name [MASTER]


@MrMeeseeks me too good buddy.


Can someone please change my username too. Just realized i wrote a c instead of a x
So regiusmac should be regiusmax…:grin:


Done and done! :slight_smile:


@Rook could you please change my name to Quinn? I want to use my game name. I didn’t really know what I was doing when I set all of this up lol. Great learning experience. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you


@Rook, you can correct mis-spelled names?

Not my forum name, but the avatar name?

Always been mad at my fat fingers.


Quinn is taken on the forum - can you pick a variation?


In game names cost 500 gens :frowning:


[H]Quinn will that work?


Yeah, I wish they didn’t charge for that. It’s kind of annoying. There’s a lot Quinn’s popping up in the game now. That’s the name the game gave, it didn’t let me pick one. But I’m the only Quinn with the [H]


Not allowed punctuation :pensive:

  • Hquinn
  • QuinnH

Would either of these work?


The first one would rock. Thank you so very much


Done. Merry Christmas! :slight_smile:


Thank you!! You’re the best :blush: Merry Christmas


Happy almost New Year everyone!!! When you get a chance, will you please change my Forum username to Shining so it matches my game name? Thank you!


@Rook…searching on how to change forum name came up over and over with you and your magical funky hat! :woman_mage:

Could you please change my name to the same as my game name?

From LY76948 to LadyAnesthesia

Much thanks!


I was wondering if i can get a name change as well to Han Alister thank you in advance!!!


Done and Done!

The name function doesn’t permit me to use spaces. If you find your name doesn’t quite fit, please let me know. :blush:


Rook you’re the best! thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My :cat2: Frost (who looks just like you lol) approves! :sparkles::dizzy::tada:


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