Changing forum user name [MASTER]

Hello Guys,
Is there a way to change the user name? I want it to be same as my game id.

If you click on your avatar in upper left corner of the screen, it will open the “Player Profile” screen. You can change your name there.

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I shall give it a go.

Sorry mate it don’t allow me to change my user name from player profile. Any other way

Gems (500) will allow user name change

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I am very sorry for not been very clear. I was actually asking about how to change the user name in the official website. I am happy with my game id.

You mean change it here in the Forums…gotcha!

  • Click your pic upper right of screen
  • Click gear symbol on right
  • Click pencil next to your name to change


Rook there is no pencils symbol next to my user name. By the way you are in admin :slight_smile: good to know.

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I think I got a funky hat and a user manual, but I’m not sure what it all does yet! :grin:

What did you want to change your name from and to?

FROM: Magar

TO: _

No promises; I have to find out if I’m allowed to change anything. Twirls silly hat :wink:

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Barbossa please Rook.

The change avatar would be great and not only the available but also others and these should cost nothing then


adjusts funky hat lol


You are a diamond Rook. As always very helpful. Thankyou very much.

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@Rook, I’m sorry to ask but can you please change my username as well? From tlewis2223 to Rowyn. Thank you so much!

Considered it as done! :wink:


Thank you so much Petri! :smiley:

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Can I have 100.000 gems? I don’t need a name change XD


@MrMeeseeks of course you can, you don’t need the mods help for that. Just buy them in the shop. :smile:

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Not possible :grin:
The whole f2p community counts on me to stay f2p :yum::+1:


Let me know if you can! I’ll stand behind you in line! :grin:

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