Changing devices

I’m switching from an iPhone to a Android tablet and the game is making me start over. I’m extremely frustrated. There has got to be a way to access my game account.

Please help!


Send a ticket to support to migrate from one system to another.
You also have this under options:

Thank you! It says I need to be on WiFi though grrrr so it will have to wait until I can get to the library or something. :roll_eyes: Being mostly bedridden sucks. Why dies everything require WiFi when I have unlimited data, anyway?!?

But, thanks sooooo very much! It’s giid to all my time and money have not been wasted

@Devience This EXACT problem occurred with me in March and I was a HOT MESS. ( I have a lot invested in my heroes ) lol Everything should be backed up in Game Center. Once you link your account to android it will back up into goggle play. You’ll have to upload a new game version and go through a new tutorial but once you’re done, you enter the code you receive and it transfers. PLEASE Remember to do this while your I phone is active. The account will still be retrievable if it isn’t , but it takes a while and is a headache.

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