Changing default chat room to AR (Alliance Recruitment)

One of the main arguments alliance recruiters make about recruiting in the general chat room is that most new players dont know about the alliance recruitment chat room. Would it be possible to change the default chatroom to alliance recruitment? I believe this would cut down heavily on general chat recruitment as all players would start in that room.

I welcome any feedback or if more information is needed.

I really like this, i use chat daily and couldn’t see why me choosing to opt in to another chat a problem, i skirt in and out from global to off topic etc anyway.

Hi SG community, I just want to raise this suggestion, and I believe many players will agree with this that the AR (ALLIANCE RECRUITMENT) ROOM will be the default global chat.

Almost all (looking for alliance) players are not going to alliance recruitment room to look for alliance to join in.

Good day, community.

I very rearly use the chat room. some of my alliance do! Its more annoying than anything to me it’s pointless! Either have to block people to get a clue what’s going on! Why waste your time? You will never bee able to change it spam spam spam will continue! It will be a battle with kashrek vs kashrek

Following a thread I posted about General Chat and the type of comments that are put in there, I would like to suggest that Alliance Recruitment is the default chat room when new players join Empires.
General Chat is, in my opinion, a terrible public face of the game and new players must wonder what on Earth they have stumbled into.
Making AR the default would put new players into a more forgiving environment, and give the recruiters some players to actually recruit!.

Thank you

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You got my vote :smile:.

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+1 vote… I think that the Global can remain its own cesspool without needing to drag new players in there… Especially when the first thing they really are looking for is an Alliance…


THANK YOU @FluffyUnicorn
I would now suggest asking @zephyr1 @littleKAF to just close other thread it got out of hand


You have my VOTE +10000000000 times

I have voted as well, this will be more beneficial for new players.

Although I am not seeing how this stops bullying in any way which is what Fluffy’s OP reason for quitting was about and what we tried to help solve and overcome instead of leaving the game, but anyway.

I am trying to make sense of the need to make any chatroom the default room as this will not stop players chopping and changing between rooms to recruit.

Beginners mostly go to tge General chat to be recruited because the AR room mostly has bigger players requesting experienced active members so beginners tend to feel worthless there and thus go to the general chatroom.

Placing every single recruiter and those looking for alliances into 1 single room will only create much more kaoos in that room as each already has about 100/1 recruiters per minute at times.
And how do you stop recruiters or members from using the general chat for those purposes to begin with, it’s just not possible unless there is a permanent mod there monitoring it all.

Another solution to this would be a option panel before entering the chatroom which offers 3 buttons


  1. Alliance Recruiter
  2. Looking for an Alliance
  3. General chat

Once chosen none of the messages sent by any other one of the unchoosen options will be seen in that chatroom

This means recruiters (option 1) only see notes from those that enter as option 2 and not options 1 and 3, and general chat would see neither option 1 or 2 messages and so on.

This would

  1. reduce message speeds
  2. remove trolling

I currently quite often chat in the over 20 level experience chatroom and recruiters that try to recruit there are instantly blocked, the room is total managable and controlled by it’s users using the block option. I never see an issue there.

I feel this would create a far better chatting experience for everyone. I Have also already suggested this option to SG months ago.

As for bullying well the only way is to have a permanent mod reading every chat as it comes in, (I mean this as politely as possible) but good luck with getting SG to pay workers on 24/7 shifts to do that.

Hope this helps

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Other than the first paragraph which was addressed to that where is the repeated comments.

It’s all a new suggestion based on the title. HMMM!

Yes, I decided to quit to avoid seeing the abuse which is only one step up from you blocking to avoid seeing it.
I’m not sure as to how either of our approaches does anything to stop it from happening, any more than you can see how directing new and unsuspecting players away from the room would be a step in the right direction.
If a player chooses to migrate there, then that is their prerogative, but not forcing the General Chat room on them in the first place must surely be a positive move?
Yes, players can, and should, take responsibility for their own safety (as I did…what’s safer than not being in there?) but at what point should the devs take action? The players using many multiple accounts for no other purpose than trolling must surely come under the devs remit?
A collective burying of heads in the sand will not help anyone, in my limited opinion. But as we do seem to be having a very circular argument, I’ll defer to your superior knowledge (I’ve said more than once I’m a novice at online chat) and say thank you for your input on both threads :slightly_smiling_face:

A step in the right direction!
Please notice this below quote and I will explain it further.

This means that in complete contrast to the current system where every member who enters a chatroom sees every other members chat no matter what it is or what it’s about, the above suggestion would completely limit that to ONLY the members chats it’s chosen option allows THUS removing a greater majority of unwanted comments which will help make the that chatroom far more readable and controlable. Of cause it still only leaves having to block bullies but it also avoids having to continuously block other unwanted comments.

Now of cause it then only falls down to uses using those options for what they where meant for but again you can’t predict human nature other than knowing it’s human nature to always want to try to find ways to abuse anything and that I’m affraid is interent wide not just a game issue.

Hope you can maybe avoid the chatrooms and enjoy the game instead and use the forum as your recruiting source.

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Thank you for the explanation and it would certainly be a very helpful in game tool. Maybe I’m just jaded via my experience in the game and I would like to apologise if I’ve sounded overly negative. I just feel that a game aimed at all ages from 13+ (and at 13 they are very much children, despite what mine tell me! :rofl:) could well do without the aggressive and sexual content some are intent on posting.
As you say though, it’s a bigger issue than just in Empires. :frowning:

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Isn’t it just better to ask to set the AR as the default chat?

  1. Loads of folks don’t even know how to switch chats or are clueless about the option even being there.

  2. It’ll make the global chat (if not default) a lot less busy.

  3. It would remove the need/desire to post recruit ads in GC (if not default).

Children are not supposed to be in game. I understand that chat rooms are for adults only. Why are children not blocked from chats? Why is that option not there? Rules are rules yet we have no real way to enforce the rules. There should be a way to block certain ages from being in adult rooms. If SG wants kids playing maybe they should have there own rooms to go while blocking under age from other rooms.

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