Changes to my defense

So this is my current defense and i was wondering if i should swap vivica and glenda for costume joon and passepartout(both +20 and could be limit broken)

Anytime you can increase the speed of your defense, outside of rush, is a good thing

I’d take a look at maybe moving Grimble out too and reorganising depending on your other options. If the person attacking you doesn’t use minions he won’t do much.

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other option is costume domitia but almost no embles.Is she better?

That change for Passepartout and Costume Joon would be a yes vote from me.
Whichever heroes you choose good luck.

As an aside what other Purple heroes do you have

costume domitia and mok arr.Thanks for your input

If you have Costume Domitia on max and at say +11 emblems…. Then I would seriously consider swapping out Grimble for her
Good luck