Changes to monthly events?

Since events have been repeating, does this mean that every monthly event will always be the same from here on out? Will they always be the same heroes?

I feel as if Springvale is the lamest event and the least likely event that I’ll do pulls. As I am still somewhat new to this game, does SGG ever bring out new heroes for a repeated event or give buffs to event heroes? The bunnies are all very mediocre and I would love if they either made a new event, buffed the bunnies, or created new bunnies for springvale.

I know people want another chance to get a hero they didn’t get the year before, but I hope it doesn’t become monotonous and we get the same thing every month

We know from the AMA chat with some of the development team that the monthly Challenge Events are certainly being redesigned and their heroes refreshed. We didn’t ask the same question about the seasonal events, like Springvale.

Both Springvale and the Christmas event in 2017 got substantial updates in 2018. The Christmas event got heroes, and the rabbit heroes of Springvale got a nice redesign, aligning them with current design standards. It’s anyone’s guess whether they are going to make further changes in Springvale, though.

(The bunnies aren’t so bad, really.)


Ohhh ok, thank you for the helpful reply!

And I don’t think the bunnies are devastatingly bad but compared to all the other event heroes, I think they are probably the weakest of the bunch.

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The bunnies have great attack stats and Lepus in particular can lay a pretty devastating hit - they are also super useful on events. I wouldn’t mind one on my team.


The bunnies are pretty dece in my opinion. The 4* AOE green one is strong. Master Lepus hits like a truck, I’d love to have him.

Anyone know when Springvale starts? I’ve got two epic hero tokens saved up

I needs me some Squire Wabbit! I don’t have a Red Ranger and my Trials are lacking due to this!

Lepus is one of my favorites. He pairs so well with Frida or athena or both. The damage is just insane