Changes since July

I lost interest and walked away in early July. Season 3 wasn’t fully released. Ninja Tower was in beta. Telly had just been nerfed for the second time.

I’m now considering coming back, but I’m curious. In your opinions…

What is the biggest improvement in the game since July?

What is the biggest disappointment since July?


I’d say that the biggest disappointment is the lack of improvements.

BUT my opinion may be biased, so don’t take it too much seriously.




Telly is not anymore the most dominant tank nowadays. The emerging meta is Black Knight or Garnet (red ninja lady who boosts health and makes her team immune to status effects) flanked to the left by Frigg (S3 green fast hero that debuffs the enemies’ defense and deals more damage and def debuff the more green tiles are on the board at the time of casting), flanked to the right by costumed Kadilen or Odin (S3 yellow hero that deals AOE and more damage if there are more yellow tiles on the board at the time of casting his skill plus he adds mana generation based on the number of yellow tiles on the board) and at the wings are Finley and Killhare or Cobalt and Onyx (the last two are blue and purple ninja heroes that deal massive AOE with high attack Stat if their manas are charged 3x). 2/3 ninjas enjoy family bonus of dodging specials and regular attacks as well as dealing minor riposte.

Ninja Tower event part 2 has more tower coins given per stage and it has a chest after every 10 stages.

What else? Oh, new seasonal event heroes from Return to Morlovia (Jack, Frank, Francine and Vanda) and Santa’s Challenge (Frosty, Carol and Krampus).

I may have missed something or two. :grin::grin::grin:

The rest are pretty much the same, crappy loots from various sources, crappy summoning odds. Recent HOTMs not that impressive, except maybe Glenda who is relatively decent.

And in case you are coming back, WELCOME BACK. LAZARUS IS ALIVE!!!


For a quick reading:

  • you didn’t really miss any HotM, most were garbage
  • S3 saw few nice heroes added and Ninja tower brought Ninja heroes - these combined now make the most dangerous defenses
  • Tavern of Legend portal was updated and now has the best chances to pull non-classic legendary heroes; it also has featured heroes; sadly, the event only runs every other month as it rotates with Ninja Tower
  • There were further balance changes in October that finally put out Telly/Vela synergy; some random buffs were released to S3 heroes;
  • New war rules were added, replacing some of the old ones (no more Field Aids) - now we have wars with minions and wars with very fast mana… new rule is being worked on (buffing particular element)
  • Emblem system was reworked - now it is MUCH cheaper to emblem a hero (in terms of food and iron), and when you reset it with a token, you get some of the food and iron back… besides, the emblem drop was significantly improved all over the place so it is much easier now to emblem a second and even third hero
  • we are about to have first iteration of new event - Mythic Titans
  • Season 4 and new Monthly Challenge events were teased for next year

If you can handle SG monetizing every experience and rushing the powercreep (new challanges events with powerful heroes and benefits to those who gather the heroes) and a new season incomig , then you can come back. Theres practically something to do every day now.


Funny. I began to plan my departure in July as well.
I had informed my alliance in August and even stopped with beta for an extended time.

I can’t say that the game is better. It’s still broken and hurtling toward its doom.

But I find that I just don’t find myself quite as mad when it doesn’t work out.

So I’m playing much less, on much less… but enjoying the game for why I stayed, with my alliance mates. If it becomes a chore or not-fun again, I’ll step away.

The ninja tower was OK. The rewards are disappointing for so many reasons. I did like that it forced me to think and use my roster even more than I do for war.

some incoming gameplay things sound OK. It’ll be nice to finish S3 and see what S4 has to offer-- even if the heroes seem a bit OP.

Take what you want from the game— don’t let it take anything from you.


Biggest disappointment: you leaving.
Biggest improvement: you coming back.
Other than that…too many events and offers all at once.
Love ya, Pinks


I don’t know when the Alchemy Lab version 2 came out but that’s a huge improvement. Well for me anyway.

But if elements of the game frustrated you in July I can say they won’t have gone away…


Aww, shucks. :relaxed::relaxed::relaxed:

Thanks. I’ve really missed the people


If you’re thinking of coming back, I’d suggest being f2p and casual play. SG wants to eat more of your time and/or money to stay on top compared to the timeframe when you left.

  1. more portals = merciless RNG
  2. mythic titans = require deeper bench of titan heroes
  3. new hero power creep = more things to chase
  4. still nothing on the duplicate front other than the cycle of HA10 hitting the jackpot 2-3 times a year.

Though, you can grind the Ninja Tower Event for a couple of extra pulls. (50 levels at 4 min a piece is ~3 hours over 5 days)

There are some positives, but I simply don’t have the time to continue a very active play style, personally. I still consider coming out of retirement, but I want to limit my play time before doing so. That will determine what level I can be dependable enough to play at; if I take the dive.

It is good seeing a familiar face again, though. Nice to hear from you, NPNKY.

  1. Nothing
  2. Everything

@NPNKY I don’t remember why it was you left but if it was the grind and time demands then nothing has really changed, if anything it’s gotten heavier. If you come back best way is to play casual and pick your battles in the game. I don’t really try at Ninja Tower, too time-intensive.

Wars have a little more variety now with the new rules. I actually change up my defense sometimes now.

If you do stick around, welcome back. You have been missed. Hope all is well and safe with you.

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