Changes not announced

I would like to know why significant changes are not announced and others so unnecessary if
example was the announcement in the last update in the section
“improvements in the quality of life”
Fixed issues with the use of emoji in the featured alliance message

or as Neil Armstrong would say a great emoji for the alliance great emoji for the community

until here all good the topic is the following
searching and searching the update I did not see any ad
on the reduction of times of the titans

I don’t know from when it was
But the last time I had checked it they lasted 23 hours active
Today I look at it and that time was reduced to 10 pm. Now I would like to know why these changes are not announced if they are of great importance.

There was no change in titan times. Titans are alive for 22h + 1h wait time. So each day, they spawn 1h earlier than the day before. :slight_smile:


That’s because, as the laudable @Aquaginera_7DD has said, there was no change.

As this isn’t an issue, I’ll close the thread :slightly_smiling_face:

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