Changes in the world of energy - APPEAL TO THE GAME PRODUCER

Hi, I have an idea, rather a request. Changes in the world of energy on the first two levels of the map. For the cost of participation in the fight was 1-1 point, 2-2 points. I think it will improve the acquisition of items for training and production of artifacts.

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If you read the writeup by coppersky, it does mention that the developers will be balancing the loot table soon to improve the acquisition of items, for some maps.

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Thank you for your answer. I hope that the request will be made.

We’ve seen 2 main updates since then, and a few minor ones. Yet it’s still unbalanced, if anything it’s worse now, as far as craft mats go, for sure. 3* & 4* ascension items are becoming more available, but there are still many flaws to the system, including the “chance of getting ______( fill in the blank with just about anything)” instead of spend this amount of ___, get this _____, like it should be. The store is a perfect example.

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