Changes in event summons

Did the stats on the event pulls change. Legendary is 1%. Wasn’t it like 0.6% ?

Yes, the seasonal summons like Christmas and the challenge event summons like Pirates have different appearance rates. The other summons for Epic, Elemental, and Altlantis all have their own odds that vary too.


Let’s say you’re right. Are you complaining?

For clarification, @Ray008 is correct about the Christmas summons appearance rates for Legendary seasonal heroes, I think the confusion was just Christmas vs. challenge event, and possibly the “classic” vs seasonal.

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It’s worth noting that the odds of a particular event 5* are 1/3%, only slightly better than the 0.3% odds on a seasonal legendary.


@Kerridoc Amen!

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Just noticed that regular 5 stars have a 0.9% chance?


No one even uses regulars anymore whyyyy?

No, def not complaining…just couldn’t recall it ever being that “High” before LOL

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Typically there’s at least a 1.5% chance of some legendary hero. Since the Christmas summons odds are so low for the seasonal heroes, the “classic” ones make up the gap.

Well if you’re not super lucky or a big spender, then you do. :wink:

It’s just funny I pull MN and Santa within 5 x 10 pulls yet this is my 3rd Pirates event and can’t seem to get Lady or Sargasso…sometimes ya hit, and sometimes ya dont!!

Missing Sargasso is not a problem. Locke, tho, is intriguing.

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Past good luck on Summons is a good way to ensure future disappointment, unfortunately. Eventually the odds catch up with us all…

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That’s true and she’s the one I’d really like to get but like Guin was elusive up until this last time, so she has become the elusive one now.

I needed a topic that shows all the appearance rates.

I just replied to you about that over here: