Changes And Improvements for the Alliance


Someone wrote about how Alliances are boring and all, and it got me thinking what I find wrong or annoying and things I’ve would like to see in the Alliances.

  1. Message of the day
    It’s close to impossible to easily inform people of something. The chat moves up too quickly, the description has very few space. I really need a MotD to tell my teammates what was previously decided, if we are skipping a Titan, out currently strategy and all. Something easy and obvious that anyone could easily access and notice. Another option maybe would be a way to “fix” a chat message like you do with posts in the forum.

  2. Access to the players favorite heros
    It’s really hard to help people out, to help them make teams or give tips about how to improve their damage. I understand privacy issues, so it could be something only for other members of the same Alliance. It also would help members to figure out new strategy and help each other out by setting an example.

  3. Alliance Missions
    Like an achievements of some sorts. Make an event or wanted mission like of goals that every member progression counts. Some goals include: make ## items, kill ## monsters, win ## raids, hit the Titan ## times, train ## new heros, draw ## heros using the summon (both by buying or using tokens), collect ## iron, collect ## food, use ## world energy.
    It would be interesting to see a “complete all the goals” before it refreshes in a month, for example.
    Not only would make people more likely to play, farm and use gems, the final prize could be something really valuable that could make members buy gems to achiev it.
    That could also become a sort of competition between Alliances (like 5 of them), a set of goals and after the giving time the Alliance with more goals reached would win the prize.

  4. Make Titans easier to predict or something controllable
    I don’t understand yet how the Titan is generated. And I’ve been written them down, it make little sense:
    We got 6 5* in a row, defeating it gave us a 6*, defeating it gave us a 7*, skipped another 7* (escaped), defeated another 7*, skipped another 7*, next one was a 5*. How this makes any sense? 5* was too easy (died in 5 hours), 7* required a whole strategy of skipping. And the best one for us would be a 6*, that seems to refuse to show up. And after that last 5* we got stuck again with 6 of them. WHY?! Why our 6* was imidiately followed by a 7*, but we are forced to kill 6 5* in a row?
    Currently, we failed to kill a 6* with the energy changes and we are back stuck at the 6 5*, having to slowdown our damage so everyone get a chance to hit it, that pretty much dies in 3 hours otherwise.
    It would be nice if the Titans would evolve based on our progress, and not a fixed “you will have to kill 6 5*, haha points”. I dear say it should be something we choose. Like the leader would set the lvl of the Titan and when the group felt strong enough, with items and flasks, face a higher star. Making each Titan have a gradual different value would prevent people to farm the easy ones and be top Alliance. And would prevent the horrible situation of being forced to face Titans you cannot kill.
    Having more control over the Titan would also allow us to take breaks in specific days, like set an easier Titan on holidays so people could take the day off, without messing up the whole system and getting stuck AGAIN in the half a dozen ■■■■ 5*.

  5. Show how many hits one did to the Titan
    So we can see peoples activity, who’s using all energies available, who’s not saving the energies when we decide to skip a Titan.

  6. Make a clear sheet of damage done to the Titan, % of the total HP, score (A, B, C), loot, and how long it took.
    The reason behind this one is more to make people see the benefits of improving. The loot system is too chaotic for a normal player, I’ve seen many people saying that it didn’t matter the amount of damage done, the loot was the same. Being able to see the rewards of higher scores would change that easily.

  7. Make a resume of each Tiers loot.
    Same reason as above, making it easier for people to understand the loot system and what tier can drop what you need. Specially important if Titans become something you can choose.

  8. Show online status more obvious
    This will make easier to people to see each other online and get some conversation going.

  9. Make a larger variations of Titans
    More than colors, include different types of fights and mechanics, like with 2 titans instead of one (that would take turns to be the attacker and have the weak spot), Titans that change after a % of its life is reached; instead of weak spot, make a mechanic that it freezes every time you make an special match (a 4 or 5), make a mechanic that you need to make combos of a given color to freeze it, etc.
    In other words, make it more random, in a way that different players with different teams will have the upper hand. And be less, well, repetitive and boring.

  10. Increase cap to 4 energies at least
    So casual players will be more helpfull overall.

  11. Make a way to easily search Alliances by trophies required, language, and other characteristics.

I think that’s it for me. :slight_smile:

We need 13* and 14* titans--unfair advantage for top alliances

I really liked your idea of alliance missions, it would add more to an alliance other than just hitting a titan. As of now all an alliance is good for is fighting the titan, and I think the alliances could really be improved on with the right ideas.


I think there should be a trading system. Members of my alliance are usually in need of resources; and here I am, sitting on mountains of food & iron that I wish I could share with them. Obviously, I think this feature should be alliance-only. Why would I want to share my stuff with someone from another alliance, just to use it against me later? lol
Seriously though, it WOULD be nice to share resources with teammates. >)


Good post!

I really like the idea of Alliance Missions too! :slight_smile:


I would dearly love it if alliance leaders could set the level of Titan.

Per Petri, the Performance Score (A, B, C) doesn’t matter so much as the Loot Tier. That’s where you find whether you got a decent goodie or not (though sometimes you’ll find that absent as well):


@El_Chupagato, I’m not sure Trade is a good thing in the Devs eyes. Being in need of resources is a key way of making people pay to play. That’s the whole point of making resources scarce. So I don’t see it becoming reality at all.

@Rook, I’m aware of that. It’s not that it don’t matter, the loot tier you get is a reflection of the score and the Titan stars. But people would be able to see it better if it was a clear sheet, showing the benefits of that given score in that particular Titan.


I would like to be able to award my 3 top hitter of each titan kill as a leader i praise them openly but i think they need to be rewarded


They already get higher loot chances for being top hitters. That’s why I ask more transparency, so that would be really obvious and people would try harder.


Do they? My top hitters keep getting skunked. I’d like to know what the % chances are, but I’d also like better chances for them. I don’t want them to leave the game in frustration. :pensive:


I know it is, my A+ players have way more ascended heros then I. And I’m a really active player, skip waiting times on wanted missions and all. But in the end it is a lottery. :frowning:


Sorry i disagree i have seen c player get better loot then the a player from titan chest no i would like to be able to give my top player a special reward to be given to them infront of all the other players to motivate them to want to do betterl

Leader should be able to give as a reward to there players from their own inventory or give hero as rewards or a weapon l

I am not asking the game to give the reward i am asking that the game allowd us leader to give rewards from our own stash costing the game nothing


It’s a lottery, let’s say the game would give tokens, the A+ would get 5 tokens, C get 1 token. A+ is obviously receiving a larger reward, but that reward is a chance to get something else. So A+ can use all tokens and get 5 three starts, C can use his single token and get Athena and another 5*. That doesn’t change the fact that A+ received a larger reward.

What really happens is that higher score will get higher loot tiers that have more chances to drop higher star items and more rolls.

For example, it will roll an amount of food, an amount of iron, and then a few slots that can drop ascension items and ingredients, some drop flasks and trainer heros too. If there was TRANSPARENCY, you could see that very clearly, the higher score, the higher amount of rolls you get, higher chances.

If those rolls and chances will reflect in actually useful items is a complete unrelated subject.

That being said, the game already rewards best players. You wanting to do even more would mean implementing trade, which I find hard personally.

An option is to: Allow gifting items (bought with gems and money). That is something that might actually happen, since it will reflect in more sells.

Why can’t trade be implemented?

  1. It may reduce the amount of people buying. The whole point of making it scarce is to make people pay.
  2. People with more than one device could make multiple accounts and cheat by sending extra resources, items and heros to one main account.

Trading is not viable, it just isn’t.


Mai I talked to my Alliance and mentioned that it would be nice if we could visit each other’s bases. There could be some type of “room” where you could have your 3 hero teams and show which teams you use for what, and why. Also enable to allow alliance members to “edit” your hero teams to enable them to show you better combos. Furthermore have the ability to showcase what battle items you currently have and then enable other alliance members to weave those in to the strategy of hero team setups. Not getting too much deeper into it but that being said to have something like that would be great for the members who have big experience in the game but may be finding the challenges not as enticing as when they were building themselves. Furthermore it would also give encouragement to the players who are still fumbling with their own heros to stay and play.


Since all bases are the same why would you want to check other people? Just really wondering.

Whatever way they decide, having access to a selected amount of heros (in my suggestion the favorited ones) would def help to give people tips and such. A showcase might be a bit odd, and it’s easily done by chat.

It would be also nice to have access to a book of heros or something, where you could check the heros in the game and their skills and stats. Every time someone asks about a hero I don’t recall I have to go to the summon and search for it.
Another helpfull tool would be a compare toll. Right now there’s no place to see heros stats next to each other, so comparing them is a matter of clicking and memorizing.
Some “test your team” would also help a lot to test theories, specially if it could be done by other members.

Def a lot of room for improvement.


Yes the bases are all the same but u missed the part where we have a “room” that we can have all once team mates go to, to see what you have and make suggestions on how to make a stronger hero team. It would also enable weaker members visit stronger members "rooms"to see how they set up thier teams…


But you could skip tô Just be able to see someone’s hero, and not the base itself. What other reason would you have to visit someone’s base? Can’t it be a short cut?


Guess I kinda like the idea of a room with pedestal for each hero group…


I’d love a scroll of all heroes DIVIDED BY COLOR, so I don’t have to pop through 63+ cards to find the one(s) I want.

If there was maybe a way to toggle the Epic area to either mixed, or sorted?