Changed loot from battle items II quest?

Am I mistaken or did the loot use to be 3 of each item before the update?

It’s always been 2 of each, except when a raid refill flask occasionally pops up as a reward for the last level (as just x1)


Thanks, must be getting paranoid and/or confused with another quest lol.

I can’t take screenshots but, I haven’t updated the game yet, and in that mission I can see a raid flask. Does it give different rewards to different players?

The rewards from the last stage of this quest can vary 50/50, kind of like how Recruits II sometimes gives the token. It’s either 2 bombs and 2 super antidotes, or a raid flask and 2 super mana potions.

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Ahhh… Look again, there’s no raid flask - I was hoping you were right :thinking:.

But I got the flask from this quest, that’s why I was asking if all of us got the same loot from it.

I finished the quest before updating the game so… Half joking half serious: Maybe the update nerfed loot or something? :sweat_smile:

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The fixed loot is always the same for every player.

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