Change War Chest Participation - Flag Based vs. Participate

In the percentage of participation of the war chest it would be better to consider the amount of energies used. It is unfair for a member that makes only 1 attack get the same percentage of a member that made 6 attacks. What do you think about this?

Depends, most dedicated team players use all their flags. That should be a given.

However, many newly ascended rookies do not actually have 6 teams to play with and it seems a bit unfair to penalize them during that growth period.

For those that appear to be there just for the ride, track it. Boot them after 3 or 5 stunts like that.


If ur that upset about it, ask ur team mate to step down for a while to a training alliance until they can contribute to your “standards”


I do not think it’s unfair for beginners because when I was a beginner I always did all 6 attacks. Just make 2 * heroes to complete the attacks. I did this when I did not have 6 teams. We need to remember that it is only allowed to participate in the war after level 14. After level 14 is not so inexperienced. So it would not be unfair. The beginner would already be being trained to be committed to the team, otherwise he would penalize himself. What do you think?


I still think new players need time to develop in experience and the way wars are played. If you are a leader and you are not happy with their performance boot them. If you are a member and not happy, seek out a different alliance more committed to winning.

strangely, id be on board with this.

i think a good alliance SHOULD push for 100% participation, including 6 flags used. All good alliances should teach/guide new players. this would include saving 30 heroes to use (regardless of level), so they can successfully use 6 full attacks, and also how to effectively use level 1 heroes to maximize points gained.

I think itd be a tad bit unfair if war participation were determined purely by contribution, i.e. those scoring 200+ get more points, but I do think that PARTICIPATION (6 flags used) should influence points received.

unsurprisingly, there are varying degrees of being “active”. this change would help to motivate members to be more active, and realistically, if someone isn’t active enough to use all 6 attacks (over a 24 hour period), then i think they shouldn’t complain if their alliance mates who DO take the time and effort to use all 6 attacks (and effectively) get a greater number of points.


capertillar, exactly! I agree 100% on everything you wrote. I am not discussing dissatisfaction with the performance of my team, because this is discussed between us. I’m just suggesting that the form of punctuation is unfair. How can you have the same percentage of participation a player who makes 6 attacks from a player who only makes 1 attack? It influences their motivation to attack as well.

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I agree too, using all flags should be a must for 100% participation.

I too also stacked 2 stars in wars, against the tank. Sometimes unsuccessfully but sometimes it would pay off. You never know until you try.


By the time you are lvl 12 (war minimum level) You have both space for 30 heroes and the ability to have at a bare minimum a lvl 1 training camp. Therefore it is possible to have 6 full teams of heroes. OK they might not be good teams, but learning how to make a difference with weak teams is a skill that will be useful to your alliance for some considerable time.

I like that idea and would be curious to see how much participation rates change as a result.

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I think it’s a good idea. Using all flags should be a must for 100% participation.

My alliance won last war by 17 points. Some weaker players used 1* and 2* straight from training camps, and their 1 or 2 points attacks made all the difference.

It’s not that difficult to collect 30 heroes for war. Player, who uses only one flag per war doesn’t deserve the same rewards, as a player who uses all six.


I really like how individual members can Opt-in or Opt-out before each Alliance match-making starts. Nice to simply opt-out if you can’t participate so as not to handicap your Alliance with the extra opponent(s) and possibly causing hard-feelings among fellow members. A reduced share of the war-chest loot is a totally fair trade. :thumbsup:

Unfortunately, this system still leaves those that Opt-in to get a full share in the war loot, while consistently using only 1 attack flag during war (I’ll call them “dead-weight”). Minimal participation appears to get the same opt-in % as those that show-up to contribute their best.

I think it could be advantageous to include % of total Alliance war points won (or at least % of war attack flags used) in calculating war chest rewards. Reduce the unpleasantness of Leaders losing good members or having to eventually oust war dead-weight from the Alliance, by simply making it more individually beneficial to use flags to win war points when opting-in for a war.

I understand that newer players may not have the hero-roster depth to use all flags, and that’s fine since their lack of hero-power is taken into account during match-making. However, the possibility of better war-loot is just another incentive for them to grow their roster. And let’s face it, even newer players usually have more than 5 heroes to use during war.

Maybe give the % of Alliance war points won by the member more consideration than just % of available flags used, since war dead-weight could still give minimal participation while using all 6 attack flags (e.g. use only 1 or 2 heroes per battle for quick auto-fight defeats).

While some may desire to leave the Leaders to police their own Alliances, it can take several wars to positively identify and deal with dead-weight members. Many Leaders would rather use a reward system, rather than strict virtual rule, to reduce the Alliance unpleasantness that can accompany minimal attack flag usage by some. After all, this is a game and fun for everyone is the goal.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all !!! :smile:

That would be fine. Yes to encouraging full participation

Nope, war is a team sport. I don’t think there should ever be a reward based on war points because this will encourage selfish behaviour. Events and raids are for individual achievement, titans reward top scores, war should be solely about the team.


Just kick those that don’t use 6 flags…

Why do players have this weird perception that it’s the developer’s jobs to manage individual alliances

You’re in the lead spot. U have the power to recruit n boot. Use it. If you can’t do that, put someone else in charge that can or go to another alliance altogether or simply deal with it.


Got a spot at untied_evolution
If you wanna join? :wink:

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Encouraging full participation [regarding % of war flags used] … nicely phrased. IMO that’s the ticket for keeping Alliance Wars fun for all.

I see your point on keeping Titan and War reward systems different. A good point on possible selfish behaviour during wars in pursuit of individual points.

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